BOJ: Kajiki

Up for review this week is Kajiki Orogami! Kajiki first appears in Shinkenger in episode 7 and is piloted by Shinken Blue.
The hidden disc is blue and and when spun features Kajiki jumping in and out of the water. Now obviously, Kajiki is based on a sword fish. He is personally one of my favorite origami and that’s probably because I tend to really like water based mecha.
As far as show accuracy goes, Kajiki is spot on. There seem to be no major differences (if any) from what is featured on the show. Kajiki comes with three missiles. These missiles can be placed in holes below Kajiki‘s head which can be fired upon pressing the triggers on either side. Now, the missiles don’t shoot any farther than 6 inches or so and I think I’m being generous with that estimate. When you spin the hidden disc, his sword/horn/whatever you wanna call it, waves up and down. Again, the speed and rate at which it waves is quite unimpressive. Unfortunately with Kajiki, this is one toy in which the gimmicks don’t really live up to what they should be doing. It definitely left me with a bit of a “That’s it?” taste in my mouth.
Kajiki breaks into 3 different parts (4 if you want to include hidden disc). His head becomes the helmet for Kajiki Shinken-Oh while the rest of the body becomes a bit of a “backpack” if you will. The tail/fin part detaches and forms the tail for DaiTenku and also provides stabilization for Tenku Shinken-Oh.
Kajiki combines quite easily with Shinken-Oh. First, remove the face/helmet piece from the body. Next, open up the fins on the back so that the fins are flat. Next, snap the back of the body onto Shinken-Oh into the corresponding locks. With most of the Shinkenger mecha, I have found everything fits quite snug so it should feel good and tight. Now, remove the original Shinken-Oh helmet and nce this is done, you simply lock the helmet into place on top of Shinken-Oh until secure. One final “gimmick” of Kajiki is that his mouth/sword opens up and can hold the Shinken-Oh sword. In the show he actually uses this to battle. Obviously, the same cannot be done for the toy!
That’s it for this week. Next time, I am thinking of doing a combined Tora/DaiTenku review! 2 birds with 1 stone!