BOJ: Shinken-Oh

Hey everybody! So, as my first post I wanted to do a toy review. I decided that with Saban adapting Shinkenger, I thought it would be cool to do a series of reviews on the Origami. This will give you some idea of what to expect for Zords this coming up season. We may or may not get all of them in the series, toy wise or show. Though, I can’t imagine they wouldn’t use everything and I can’t think of an instance where a Sentai mecha wasn’t used in PR. If anyone knows something, let me know.

I began with Shinken-Oh because that is the first mecha introduced in Shinkenger. Shinken-Oh is comprised of Shishi (Lion), Ryuu (Dragon), Kame (Turtle), Kuma (Bear) and Saru (Monkey). They have a total of 3 forms.
  • The first is emblem form. They are color coordinated with each having a different shape and a Japanese kanji on the front. The Kanji represent the elements that are sometimes used in battle attacks.

Red is the kanji for Fire, Blue is water, Green is Wood, Yellow is Earth Pink is Heaven.

  • The second form is animal mode in which the Origami folds out and becomes a sentient beast that the Shinkengers can use to fight with.
  • Finally, the third form they increase in size to fight the monster of the week. This happens when the Shinkenger use their Shodophone brush to write the kanji for big which causes the Origami to grow. The mecha combine when the kanji for Unite is written with the Shodophone brush.

From the toy box, Shinken-Oh stands 52.3 meters high and is 35.6 meters wide. It is armed with the Daishinken which it uses to perform the finisher attack Daishinken Samurai Slash. Shinken-Oh also has a giant secret disc that can be used as a giant shield.
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