BOJ: Tora

Up for review this week is Tora Origami! Tora first appears in Act 9 of Shinkenger and is piloted by Shinken Red.
The hidden disc Tora comes with is white with a yellow rubber band around the edges. The rubber edges are to protect the disc when sliding Tora across the floor utilizing his main gimmick. When the disc is spun on Shinkenmaru, it features Tora roaring. Tora is an awesome origami, in my opinion. I really enjoyed the episode of Shinkenger that Tora first appears in. I think it is one of the coolest looking aux mecha and I adore the chrome on the legs.
As far as show accuracy, Tora is following the trend in Shinkenger mecha with no major visible differences from the show. Like Kabuto, Tora doesn’t feature any gimmicks besides the one that is activated by his disc. To place disc inside Tora, you simply press on the two buttons on the wheel on his left side and pull out. The disc will lock into place using this mechanism. When you spin the disc, it will make Tora’s legs spin around in a drill motion, clockwise or counterclockwise. (depending which way you spin!) To manually spin disc, you use the wheel on the left side and spin back or forth. This reminded me of a fishing pole when I first used it.
Tora comes in 7 parts, 8 with disc included. The head piece which also acts as a helmet for Tenku Shinken-Oh. The main body which also serves as the body for Dai Tenku. The legs become various armor parts for different gattais. Last is the tail which becomes a crown for later combinations.
Combing Tora with Shinken-Oh is very easy. First, remove Tora’s head and flip the black tab up until it clicks on top of his head. Remove the tail, flip both sides up so a circle is formed and attack to Tora’s head with the corresponding tab. Remove the legs from the left side of the body and attach them to where the head and tail once were. Next, remove Shinken-Oh’s helmet and place the new Tora helmet on until it clicks into place. Finally, flip the black tab down from the right side of the body and attach to the back of Shinken-Oh. There are tabs that correspond and provide a tight fit.
Overall, I like this gattai. It looks pretty cool and stands quite sturdy. (sturdily?? lol) I do wish that Tora was spread more out instead of just a massive headpiece. It seems since Gekiranger/JF, the aux mecha have been somewhat restricted to being headpieces instead of becoming an arm or becoming armor for legs or arms while still adding a new helmet. Of course this can be good or bad. It all depends on your taste!
Next time, I will be doing a video review for Dai Tenku to properly show that combination. That will also give me the chance to show Tora, Kabuto and Kajiki’s gimmicks. Thanks for reading!