Master Xandred


First of all, let me just say that this figure is awesome. Lots of spiky details, and horns. Plus the paint applications are pretty spot on too, it’s lacking pretty bad in the chest area, but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed with some extra paint and weathering. 

Xandred fits into scale with the Regular samurai Figures and the MegaMode figures, standing just a bit taller than the Male Rangers.

His legs are super articulated for some reason, even being able to bend all the way around. While his arms are pretty much useless due to his shoulder armor.

 He comes packaged with only one accessory, his sword. Which is severely under-painted. The detailing is nice, but is lost in the strange non-metallic standard brass that is also present in the Gold MegaMode Ranger. As you can see, I started to customize the sword myself, but abandoned it for now. His sword suffers from the same “flexibilty” that the other weapons from the line do.

All in all Master Xandred is a great addition to this line. It’s nice to see the Villains being represented again. I would have loved to have had this year’s Rita release held off on in lieu of a Dayu release. I would like to see an Octoroo or Serrator figure as well, but that’s far less likely.

– Now on to the ratings.-

-Collector Score-9/10
For someone attempting to collect the whole line, this is a pretty elusive figure. But he really does add alot to my collection, he’s the main villain of the series and he really does look great. The only downside is the lack of accessories. Most of the other figures got at least two weapons, why couldn’t Master Xandred have another?

-Show Accuracy-8.75/10
The detailing is really nice, but it’s lost because of the lack of weathering effects. They could have easily used the same ‘dirty’ look they used on the Deker figure to make Xandred look so much better.

-Personal Score-10/10
I love it when they release Villain figures. I really like the aesthetics of Xandred and I’m really glad they released him. The only downsides are the lack of articulation and weapons. He’s great, and possibly one of my favorites of the line. I would definitely recommend getting him if you are interested.

-Final Score-
+Great Details                                                                     Lack of Paint
+Okay Paint                                                                         Only One Weapon
+Villain Figure                                                                   Bad Arm Articulation
+Show Accurate (For the most part)