Samurai Super Mega Mode

Jumping ahead a few modes from my last review, we have the SuperMegaMode figures. After the Samurai Rangers use the Black Box to go Super Samurai, they must go Mega before entering their Megazords. The result of going MegaMode while in Super Samurai Mode is… SuperMegaMode or Super MegaMode or SuperMega Mode. I’m not quite sure it’s been clarified. I will apologize for the MANY uses of the words ‘Super’ ‘Mega’ and ‘Mode’, it’s not my fault. I just hope it’s not too confusing.

The design of these things are flawless. The evolution from Regular Samurai to MegaMode, is a bit of a leap of faith. But from Super Samurai Mode to SuperMegaMode, is fantastically done. The White Armour and the Gold Accents translate very well. My only qualm with the design comes from the reused limbs from MegaMode. It would’ve been nice for them to take the opportunity to add a few new armour pieces. Not a huge deal, but I understand the choice they made to reuse parts. The torso portion does get a redesigned belt buckle though, which reflects what happens in the show, which is a nice surprise. Even on close examination it’s possible that the Torso portion below the armour may have been re-sculpted too. It seems like the grid pattern of the under-suit is redone. I’m not too sure though, it’s too close to tell.

As per standard Bandai of America rules, the males all have the same body.
As do both of the females. The only thing that gets switched up are the helmets. This is just a representation of what we see in the show. So again, I understand those choices. I don’t think we’ve ever gotten a set of rangers that all have unique bodies.

The Paint Applications on these toys at first look are pretty good, but after doing a bit of research into the SDCC set, these guys are really lacking. There are parts that they didn’t even attempt to paint. The back of the figures lack any detail paint, which I assume are to keep costs down and profits high. But they did make the choice to at least paint (mostly) everything visible from the front the correct color. So I’ll give you that one Bandai.

Each Figure comes with a SuperMega Blade… Which are a total disappointment. They are significantly smaller than their Non-Super Counterparts. It really gives a bad visual of these Armoured Rangers holding these tiny little blades. All the Components are there to make a correct sized Blade. Simply chop off the Black Box portion of the Super Spin Sword, and add it to the Mega Blade. But… Nope, all new sculpt, all new tiny size, lame. The Non-Articulated Shark Attack Mode Red that was included with the ‘Shark’ Zord Auxiliary had a correct sized SuperMega Blade. Why couldn’t they have done something with that?

Now… onto a side point I’d like to make. HOW HARD WOULD IT HAVE BEEN TO MAKE A SUPERMEGA GOLD? I understand that ShinkenGold never went Super Mode in Shinkenger. (With the exception of ‘Tensou Sentai Goseiger vs. Shinkenger: Epic on Ginmaku’) But they even included SuperMega Gold in the SDCC Metallic Set. The one I feature in this review is a custom I made. It’s just a SuperMega Red repainted, with a set of hands added from the Non-Articulated SuperMega Gold that was included with the Light Zord Auxiliary. It was easy enough to do. So why couldn’t Bandai do something like this? FanBoy Frustrations. *rant is over now* NOTE: This is not the figure from the SDCC set, it’s a custom I made. Just wanted to restate it.

– Now on to the ratings.-

-Collector Score-9.5/10
I’m gonna be honest, these guys were not a part of my “Must Buy” list. Especially with the exiled SuperMega Gold not being a part of it. It’s frustrating not having a full team. It’s just something I don’t like. But, when I saw them in the store, I lost my resolve and I bought all 5 of them… with an extra to Customize. They are beautifully designed, and for someone who wants to have the full line up of Rangers Modes. Go for it. With the exception of the TINYSuperMega Blade, they are easily the best looking of the Modes.

-Show Accuracy-9/10
Minor Paint application issues are my only real problem here… Along with those damn Blades.

-Personal Score-9/10
I have a problem with Point Systems. I always feel like I rate things too high. But these guys are awesome. I love posing them, and they look GREAT. But why did Bandai make the choice to downsize the Blade, and to not include SuperMega Gold? I’m not for sure, but it’s nothing a little extra effort into making some customs can’t fix. I wish they would’ve gotten some better Paint Apps, and maybe an extra accessory? Even though I wouldn’t know what else to include, something else would’ve been nice.

-Final Score-9.2/10
Awesome Armour
+Great Details
+Fantastic Design
Missing a Team Member
Paint Applications are Lacking