Shogun Mode Red Figure

Let me just say, Shogun mode is so badass. Can I say that up here? I hope so. Regardless of that fact that this is one of the best figures of this line, it has it’s issues, but the ‘pros’ outweigh the ‘cons.’ Featuring an all new body sculpt, this is a welcome addition to any collection. Plus the fact that Bandai didn’t skimp on paint applications in most places, it’s really fantastic. The figure itself is only available in Red, which is normal for battlizer-esqe upgrades. It sucks, because it would be fantastic to have a full team of these armored rangers.


The figure comes with and Bullzooka as well as a Megablade you can combine together to create the Shogun Spear, the signature weapon of the Shogun Mode. The Bullzooka is only packaged with this figure, so if you’re wanting to up your weapons arsenal this is a great opportunity to do so. The bull themed blaster is nice to have in this toyline, it comes with a detachable set of horns which allows for rotation between modes. It’s a nifty little weapon, and certainly a well designed one.


All the same details are present on both the 4″ figure as are on the 12″. There seems to have been very few details lost in the translation between figures.  While shown in some promo photos as having fully removable armor, similar to the the 12″ Shogun Rangers. This figure only features two removable pieces, the huge shoulder guards. Which leaves the figure looking strangely off-balanced.


As for the pre-mentioned ‘cons’ of this figure. He is terribly unbalanced. He shares the same problem as the Super Megamode figure because of the extra armor, and the fact that the feet were molded for the figure to be posed spread-legged just make this guy really hard to pose. That’s my only qualm with the figure really.


This was a really sought after figure when it was first released, and understandable so. It’s a great figure, and I’m really glad that Bandai decided to release it. The Samurai toyline has really surprised me, and this would be the best example of why.

– Now on to the ratings.-

-Collector Score-8/10 I hate that the Red Shogun Mode was the only one that saw a release in this scale. I wish they had released the whole team, and certainly hate that they didn’t. So this can be a problem for someone like myself who wants to collect the whole team. But if you want to recreate a certain scene from the season finale, it’s a must have. Otherwise, for some people this may be a “Pass”

-Show Accuracy-9/10 Minor paint issues. And the color has never been really defined. Sometimes is a dark red, sometimes just the standard red.

-Personal Score-10/10 This is my favorite figure, issues withstanding. I wish the whole team had been released, but honestly this figure is just really cool and honestly worth the buy if you’re interested.



-Final Score-9/10
+ Fantastic Detailing
+Bullzooka Accessory
+Show Accuracy
Not The Whole Team
Awful Balance