Standard Samurai Figures

What Power Rangers toy-line would be complete without the standard figures? These figures are pretty awesome, and while they suffer from a few minute flaws they really get the job done well.

Each figure comes with a Spin Sword and what
I’ll call their MegaWeapons (excluding the Gold Ranger who only got his Barracuda Blade) which are nothing more than a ‘powered up’ version of their signature weapons. All the male figures also got packaged with a Samurizer. I have no clue why the girls don’t get one, but it’s not a deal-breaker at all. Sorry about not having photos of either of these in this review, the ‘MegaWeapons’ I’ll feature with the MegaMode Rangers, and as for the Samurizer. You’re not missing out on much.

I really like it when figures have more than one accessory and the ‘MegaWeapons’ really add something nice to the whole set. The only thing that doesn’t make ANY sense is why the basic figures are packaged with the upgraded weapons, and the MegaMode figures get the basic weapons. Maybe it’s just another way to get the collectors to buy both?

 All the male figures have the same body, and both of the females share their body too. Which has been a very common thing in the Power Rangers line since the early years. I have always hated the look of the overly muscled Power Rangers, who’s idea was that? Well, that problem is still present in these guys, but it’s definitely been toned down. I mean, is it even possible to have that many abs?

The females aren’t as muscular and are shorter
than the male figures, which I like. But they have these twiggy little arms and HUGE grips. Seriously, it’s pretty hard to get them to hold anything. The also feature something else that is pretty huge… Need a hint? Huge Breasts. I have no idea why they made them so huge! They also have weird high heels instead of the flat boots that would be show-accurate but it doesn’t really detract from anything. I think it’s kinda cute, but I would totally prefer show-accuracy over ‘cute’.

All the figures have received the same basic paint applications. The only thing I hate about the paint applications would be the shoulder and hip joints which for some awful reason have remained white. It really detracts from the overall look of the figures. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but it would have been nice to get the proper colored joints. The small triangles that are on the hips of the rangers are were left unpainted, the indentions are even there, just were left unpainted.

– Now on to the ratings.-

-Collector Score-10/10
These guys are the titular Samurai Rangers. I have these guys lined up and posed in front of the Samurai Megazord and they look great. It’s awesome that they’ve released the whole team and did a good job on each one. They don’t come packaged with the weapons they have on the show (except the Red Ranger who gets his Fire Smasher Cannon) so to get the proper ones you’ll have to go out and get the MegaMode figures… Which I did, and I love them too.

-Show Accuracy-9/10
Okay, I hate this part. Show accuracy doesn’t ever really bother me too much, but I HATE THE OVER-MUSCLED LOOK. It’s not interesting, and it really makes the figures look weird. I doubt it will ever change in the basic figures, but really I do hate it. As for everything else, the colors are correct, the detailing is pretty nice and there are tons of places they could’ve left details out but didn’t. The weapons lack paint, but that’s nothing too shocking. The worst part would be the lack of paint in a few areas.

-Personal Score-10/10
It feels like I’m giving out too many points! But these figures are pretty great. Out of all of the figure lines released (Regular,MegaMode,Super,SuperMega) these are the ones I would buy again. Collecting all the lines is tiring work, and expensive. I love the female figures, and they all really look great together as a time. I wish they would have given a bit more to us in terms of paints and accessories but these guys give more than some others do.

-Final Score-9.6/10
+Full Team
+Extra Weapons
+Nice Detailing
+Helmets Look Great
Paint Applications
Paint Applications
Paint Applications
Huge Muscles and Huge Boobs
Show Inaccuracy.