Standard Figures Review


Thank Zordon! We have some new figures! These Megaforce Rangers are the first switch up we’ve gotten from the Power Rangers line in awhile. While in the same scale as the Samurai Figures, these guys feature a new sculpt all around. I don’t  think anything got reused from from the past Two(Three) BOA lines (MMPR, & (Super)Samurai).


While it’s unknown if we are getting any other “modes” from the Megaforce figures, although I’m pretty sure we will get an “Ultra Mega Mode” or whatever it’ll be called, I’m going to go ahead and refer to these guys as the “Basic” figures. I think that’s for the best for right now. I’m certainly hoping we’ll get more modes, and maybe even something similar to Samurai’s Megamode would be nice. But considering the differences between the two, we may not see anything of the sort from Megaforce.

Each figure comes released with their signature weapon, a Gosei Blaster (and blaster holster) and a Gosei Morpher. My absolute favorite thing about their accessories is that they COMBINE! While it seems to be a recurring thing in the Power Rangers show to have weapons that combine, it’s not always that the toy versions can do the same. I know the ’93 MMPR toys could, as well and the Turbo, but I’m pretty sure that Zeo’s weapons couldn’t. Regardless of the Combining Aspect, each weapon on their own is well represented. The Phoenix Shot is a little blocky, and the Snake Axe is a little small which make both of them hard to get the figures to grip. But the others seem to be free of issues.

ANYWAY, it’s super exciting that BOA put that detail into these toys. The Blaster and the Gosei Morpher are nice, nothing special considering that each one could have had a different header… but I think that may have been a bit too much to ask for. The Morpher is a little on the small size, making it difficult to pose the Rangers holding them. But over all, they’re nice accessories.

Each Ranger is molded with their tribe’s symbol on their chest, “Skick, Landick, Seaick” Excuse the Sentai talk here, but I honestly have no clue how to describe it without it. They also have a non molded stamp of the Gosei emblem on their helmets, which I’m glad wasn’t a detail that was overlooked. These figures are a great start to the New Series toyline. I can’t wait for the Robo Knight and the Evil Guys.


– Now on to the ratings.-

-Collector Score-10/10 These figures are the beginning of what I hope will be a great line, and these are the best representation of the Megaforce Rangers. Great sculpts, included accessories, etc… All are determining factors of how awesome these toys are. It’s especially awesome that these guys are continuing the previous scale that Samurai was in.

-Show Accuracy-9/10 Ultra-Muscled Male Rangers & Super-Busty Female Rangers. BUT… that’s how these toys are, so I’ll get it a soft pass on that. While we haven’t seen any footage from Megaforce, it’s really the Goseiger footage that I’d be comparing these against, and they totally embody the spirit of the suits. The helmets, the emblems, etc… they’re all there and done really nicely.

-Personal Score-10/10 I was super excited to pick these guys up, they look great are fun to pose and fit right in with the MMPR & Samurai lines… PLUS THEIR WEAPONS COMBINE! Which is awesome, right?! Fantastic addition to my Power Rangers display. I’m just having to move some things around to make sure everything fits and looks nice. Hah!