UltraMode Figures Review



Hello readers! It’s been some time since my last review. I must apologize, due to personal issues I’ve been Missing In Action. BUT WE’RE NOT HERE FOR THAT! We’re here for these toys! The Ultra Megaforce Rangers are significant remolds of the Regular Megaforce figures. With additional armor and a banging metallic paint job, these are probably the best core-ranger figures released to date.
Now, in my last review I stated that we weren’t for sure if we were going to be getting any upgrade modes from this season. Obviously we did, and I for one am very happy we did.Each Ranger comes with an Ultra Sword and a Gosei Morpher. The Ultra Sword is painfully under-painted, but considering the metallic paint-job of the standard release I can give this a pass. I may even take it upon myself to paint them up, but that’ll be down the line.

They extra Headder Armor on the front of them makes them unstable, the females more-so than the males. But this seems to be more of an issue to do with the base figure than the armor add-on, but the armor definitely makes the issue worse. Each Ranger has their signature Header on their chest along with some new boot and glove cuffs. The shoulder armor on these figures are well designed, there was obviously thought put in concerning arm mobility. They can get in the way, but its not too limiting.

– Now on to the ratings.-

-Collector Score-9/10
Now considering that these figures aren’t the main mode of the Rangers in the show, you may not want to pick them up if you haven’t yet. They’re still available out there if you’re interested. I know there is a ToysRUs 6-Pack too, so that may a great way to pick these molds up all at once.

-Show Accuracy-8/10
The in-show versions aren’t metallic, and the previously mentioned 6-Pack has non-metallic decos, which are more accurate. But I think the metallic finish is just so premium that I am in love with it.

-Personal Score-9/10
If you haven’t picked these bad boys (and girls) yet, I highly recommend them. The females are a bit more scarce than the males, but that’s nothing new for Power Rangers. I wish I had the extra cash to pick up the TRU 6-Pack to have matching decos, but… Nah. It would be nice if each figure came with an extra Megaforce Blaster weapon, just to have a second pair, (One set to display as individual weapons, and one set to have combined.) but it’s okay that they didn’t.