Gosei Great and Brothers Combinations


This is the review of the Gosei Great Megazord as well as the Sky, Land and Sea Megazords.

Click the video for instructional help on combining all four and my thoughts on the new Zords!
Below the video are pics of my Zords themselves.

image_1(1)The individual Mechazords are pretty cool IMO.
One interesting change from the Japanese version is that they have added wheels to the bottom of the Headers.
I believe this is to appeal more to the American consumer, while I do not enjoy it personally it was a pretty good idea on the part of the creators.
For the first ever Snake Zord, it is up to par with the current feel of the Zords toys being produced.
However, Samurai’s Zords were of much higher quality than these. I feel the plastic is a little degraded and at times the Zords are flimsy. However, I still recommend collecting or buying for your children.

image(1)Although its smaller than the Japanese version this particular Megazord is not all that bad. I will say that the quality matched with the price point is not up to par, but I still love mine. Another thing to point out is that the US version has improved on the Dragon Zord idea and simplified it for Power Ranger buys which is something I really like about this. The neck pulls out and the Helmet head pops off instead of storing inside the Dragon itself. The Shark fins stick together and the Snake has been simplified. The Snake easily comes apart at the waist which makes combination a little harder.

image_2Sea Brothers include a Manta Ray, Saw Shark and a Hammer Head Shark!
The Manta;s fins fold back and forth and the saws on the Saw Shark spin which makes an awesome addition to the toy!

image_1When the Sea Brothers combine it creates the Sea Megazord. The Manta Ray has an awesome helmet with an eye patch and all!

image_3The Land Brothers consist of a Rhino, Stag Beetle and A T-Rex.
Sadly, the drill does not spin on the rhino but the Beetle’s pincers open and close. The T-Rex mouth also opens!

image_5When the Land Brothers combine they create the Land Megazord and the Megazord gains a pretty cool stag beetle helmet!

image_6The Sky Brothers consist of the Crow, Hawk and Ptera
The Ptera and Crow’s mouths sadly do not open!

image_7When they combine into the Sky Megazord the Hawk becomes a pretty awesome helmet!

Final Thoughts and Grade:
As always the Megazords compared to the Sentai Mecha is not up to par, yet I can also say that the Zords have been streamlined and almost simplified. The plastic seems to be getting worse each year as these barely even compare to the Samurai Zords.
However, the enjoyment coming form collecting all the headers and trying all the different combos is really fun and seeing Goseiger inspirations in Power Rangers is enough to get my money.
There are a few flaws and missing paint, again compared to Japan, but I recommend this product and all of the Zord lines as well!

Appearance: 8.5/10
Fun: 8.5/10
All together: 7.5/10
You Tried!/Recommended for Purchase