Gosei Jet & Megazord Review

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2013-09-29 16-26-34.493

As I said in the review video, I loved the Gosei Eagle Mechazord even though it seemed to be just a repaint from the Gosei Dragon, it had some interesting additions including the Eagle Zord, the color and the tail!
I wasn’t that huge of a fan of the connector for the Translucent Red Ranger, but as I said this is more for the child rather than the collector and therefore is in itself a great idea.

2013-09-29 16-26-04.123

Bandai America continues to pump out interesting ideas to sell the “Headers” or Zords from this line by adding them to a cycle and selling them 2×2 as they had with the Sky/Sea/Land Brother Zords. This seems brilliant to me because it makes them more money but also allows them to sell all of the Zord Headers without skipping.
I did mention in the video that I don’t care for the cycles however and if it’s possible I hide them away from my collection. 😀
The Zords here are pretty interesting to look at with the return of a Dolphin and Croc Zord! What I loved the most was that the Elephant had a moving trunk and ears! The Croc’s mouth also moved which was something I was not expecting!
I am happy to report that I had only one problem with this combination. It was very top heavy with the Zords attached and the Eagle Mechazord would lean forward. My bed is at an angle I suppose in this image and you can’t really see it. However, switching the head into the Jet face works a lot better for this combo, but just doesn’t look as cool!

2013-09-29 16-29-14.128

I absolutely love the way this combination looks put together! The tail of the Eagle Mechazord becomes a massive axe for the Megazord to wield which looks amazing even compared to the sword of the Gosei Great!
While the Beetle and Phoenix don’t seen to match at all it still is a rather interesting combo! It’s like a Megazord remix and I absolutely love it! I said that already…. Anyways, I am more vocal during the video and I hope you have watched it because I did skimp over several details in the text review!
KMart’s website currently has these items listed for $24.99 (Jet) and $14.99 (cycles) and I have heard that this toy is slowly being spotted at Walmart.

Like I said, check out my video above for more information and more thoughts from me on this product, Including how to combine it with your other Mechazords!

Transformation: 10/10
Combinations: 9/10
Paint: 8/10
Comparison: 9/10
All Together: 9/10