Gosei Ultimate Megazord

toy review

The first few sentences out of this review I want you to understand the most is that this Megazord is my favorite and therefore in my opinion is the best of the Megaforce Megazord line! Above is my video review which goes through how to combine the toy into all its different forms! Take a look at the videos and then read my scoring below!


Here is the packaging in case you were wondering what to look for at your local stores. So far they have been spotted at local retailers shich as Walmart, where I found mine!

2013-09-08 19-12-18.441

Here is an image of the Megazord out of the box. As I said in the video review I have absolutely no complaints here.
All that can be said is that it is said that the Zords in the center are not metallic chrome painted. AND THAT’S IT!
I absolutely love not only having this in my collection but I love actually playing with it! I’ve been bored a few times lately and boredom is destroyed by simply morphing this Megazord into its several forms! Speaking of the forms it can make, let’s take a look at them!

2013-09-08 19-13-34.2342013-09-08 19-13-43.516

The Megazord can change into a spaceship mode as well. This was another surprising change because when you get the hang of it, it is so easy to change over and over!  The second image is from the bottom view of the ship mode. Here you can see how the Zords have been pushed outward and you can see their individual colors. Wheels also adorn the base of the ship allowing the Megazord to be rolled across a surface.

2013-09-08 19-14-24.603

The Gosei Great Megazord is also able to ride on top of the ship mode.
This mode was a little harder to figure out because of the vague instructions. I was able to get the Megazord to stand on top of it but I wasn’t able to figure out how the prongs work. I’m sure as soon as this article posts, I’ll receive advice! 😀
It’s been pointed out several times by other reviewers that this mode is not available for the most part in the Japanese version!

2013-09-08 20-06-38.448

The Gosei Ultimate ship mode is also able to attach to the back of the Gosei Great Megazord almost like wings.
This mode has no name yet, but I’m sure in the show this formation will look epic!

2013-09-08 19-15-02.713

The Gosei Ultimate also can transform into a command center style holder for your Gosei Morpher!
There are also pegs included so any of your 4″ Figures can stand along Gosei!

2013-09-08 19-12-32.582

I have to give this Megazord a near perfect score because of it’s play-ability, the transformation ease and my all together love of the this toy. As I said in the video I recommend this toy not only as a collector but for the parents out there who want a great toy for their kids!
It is a must buy in the Megaforce Megazord collection!

Transformation: 10/10
Combinations: 9/10
Paint: 8.5/10
Comparison: 10/10
All Together: 9.5/10