Legendary Megazord VS Gokai-Oh


Hello and welcome to my review of the New Bandai America Legendary Megazord and the comparison to the Bandai of Japan Gokai-Oh from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger!

Basically all of the review and comparison points are mentioned in the video but I will briefly go over them here and give them all a score out of ten. Below are images of the Zords, Megazord and the Box Art. I have also compared the Super Mega Zords with the Gokai Machines/Gokai-Oh with the images below!

Box Art, Super Mega Zords, Megazord

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Comparison Shots: Super Mega Zords VS Gokai Machines


The Megazord is not that different from the Bandai Japan version. Several things are downgraded including the details & paint colors. It seems as if the Super Mega Zords are more neon colored while the Gokai Machines are more subdued. Only small details like the Pirate symbol are not painted but are present on the Super Mega Zords. I am not too happy with the new peg system; instead of placing the Aux Zords inside of the chest, arms and legs. However, I cannot judge too much as I have not seen how the Zord add-ons look in real life. But, this does lower the score. Besides the size and the above mentioned dislikes, I still recommend the toy not only for the collector of Power Rangers toys but simply for fun. It will be fantastic to add on the new Zords and a few that do not exist in Gokaiger. 8/10.