Legendary Morpher & Super Mega Saber


Hello and welcome to my review of the Legendary Morpher and the Super Mega Saber!
If you want to see all of the features of both view the video below.
To see the comparison shots take a look down below the video!

The video explains it all! I absolutely love these toys! My favorite is definitely the Super Mega Saber!
In the video I show all of the features of the Super Mega Saber and the few features you can unlock so far in the Legendary Morpher.
For comparison I also show how the Mobirates works and how they differ from each other.


Legendary Morpher
As I said in the video this toy is most likely going to be a lot more fun once more Ranger Keys are released, but the functions I tried out and played with make this morpher an awesome Power Ranger toy. The joints are a tad stiff and the keys do get unnecessarily stuck in the morpher which is disconcerting. However, the fact that the keys are capable of unlocking more than 1 sound is pretty awesome. I have to say I am not a fan of the missing blades when the Morpher is opened and you can see that in the comparison shots below. 8/10

Ranger Keys
The size is small, but the paint and spring action makes up for that!


Super Mega Saber
I cant stress enough, either in video or text, how much I love this toy! I love the sounds, I love the lights and I love that it functions with the Rangers keys in the show! It is a little sad that “Final Wave” is not being used (in the toy anyways) but I can get over that! 10/10

Below are a few images of the box art and some of the advertisements of what to come!

Comparison Shots of the Legendary Morpher VS Gokaiger Mobirates

Comparison Shots of the Legendary Ranger Keys VS Gokaiger Ranger Keys