Red Ranger Shogun Mode Battlizer

Here is a picture of the packaging for the Shogun Mode toy I had posted of another person’s photo. I actually didn’t take pictures of my own packaging but this is what it looks like in stores.

Take a look at the video review, I show you how to put it together as well as my own thoughts on the design and quality of an original Bandai America creation.

This picture showcases the Red Samurai Ranger before attaching all of the Shogun Mode accessories.

In this shot, the Red Ranger is now in Shogun Mode having attached the many pieces that come with the figure. There are shoulder gaurds, a waist coat of armor, arm armor, knee and foot armor. As well as a golden crown atop his head.

“Red Ranger is the lead of the Samurai  Rangers. When in Super Samurai Mode, he is able to call upon the Power of the Ancestors to morph into a Shogun Ranger.”

Hmmm….very interesting. Does the Red Ranger (in the show) have a Super Samurai Mode before the SHogun Modfe or is it the same mode? I suppose we will have to wait til the last half of Samurai to find that out! I personally, cannot wait to see this in the show. The badass-ness is much highter than some other Battlizers.

In the video, I state my review of the toy which here I will give a 6/10.
It only receives such a low score because of the flimsy connectors that barely stay attached to each other or the Ranger.
Retail is $24.99 and I would advise to pass unless you are simply in love with the Shogun design or if you want to display in a collection.