Samurai Vs Shinken

Well, as we all know; Bandai of America has changed the mecha from “Samurai Sentai Shinkenger” and turned them into “Power Rangers Samurai” Zords. Here are some side by side comparisons of the individual Zords and the Megazord itself.
(thanks to message board members for the images)


Cheaper plastic and less fun galore!
The Zords have been dumbed down and less articulation.
Lion Origami
(USA top, JP bottom)
Unpainted Kanji
Shins are not painted
No receptor’s for Tiger’s Drills
Dragon Origami
(USA top, JP bottom)
Smaller, Compact structure
Tail is sword now?
Unpainted Kanji
No Samurai Helmet Storage
(CORRECTION: Samurai Helmet fits tightly inside compartment, Sword is Tail)
No emblem mode
Bear Origami
(JP left, USA right)
Hallow Limbs
No hiding place for head for emblem mode
Turtle Origami
No visible changes
Almost Identical
Monkey Origami
(USA top, JP bottom)
No black face
Hallow Limbs
No Moving Hands
Cannot Fold to Emblem Mode
Beetle, Tiger & Swordfish Origami
All Zord Smaller/Compact
Swordfish Tail Changed & No Missiles
Apparently they are still able combine with the DX Megazord.
(CORRECTION: Zords can form Samurai Battlewing)

Thanks to Robert Cunningham, Facebook Fan