Power Rangers Megaforce Hot Wheels: Series 1 & 2 Review

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Hello there! I’m here to discuss the Power Rangers Megaforce Hot Wheels. So far, only Series 1 & 2 have been found in stores. (You can find Series 3 on Amazon, but I’ll get to that later.) Series 1 consists of Dragon Zord (Red Ranger), Shark Zord (Blue Ranger), and Mega Strike Racer, which is the 20th anniversary vehicle and also came with the Hot Wheels Action Set. Series 2 consists of Lion Zord (Robo Knight), Tiger Zord (Yellow Ranger), and Snake Zord (Black Ranger).

So, let’s start with Series 1.


The packaging is really consistent, with a forward-shot of the Ranger on the left side and the Megaforce logo on the right, with a nice golden background. The color scheme works really well with the images used. For the 20th anniversary car packaging, however, the Power Rangers 20 logo is used, as well as part of the 20 Red Rangers (and MMPR White) seen in other media.


The back of the packaging shows all of the cars available in the series. The images used are the same, and still work just as well as they do on the front packaging. Now, let’s move on to the cars themselves.

DSC00942 DSC00943 DSC00944

I really like the concept of the Zords as cars for a toy line. When these were first announced, I didn’t know what to think of it. After seeing early reviews, I fell in love with them! They really look great in any collection. For example, I have mine hanging on the wall on-display with other Megaforce toys. Each of the Zord cars have the Rangers’ symbol on the top. Dragon Zord has the Sky symbol about the visor of the car, while Shark Zord has the Sea symbol below the visor. On the Mega Strike Racer, the complete Gosei symbol is at the very back of the car, right above the 20 logo. On the sides next to the front tires, there’s a barely noticeable “20.”

Now, onto Series 2.


This is where I say I was a little disappointed with the absence of the Pink Ranger. I think that Series 1 should of consisted of Dragon Zord, Phoenix Zord, and Shark Zord, with Series 2 remaining the same, and Mega Strike Racer remaining exclusively to the Hot Wheels Action Set. With that little rant aside, let’s continue. Again, I love how the Zords are incorporated into the cars. Other than that, there’s not that much else left to say.


The back of the packaging is the same as Series 1, except it shows the cars you can find in Series 2. Let’s take a look at the cars individually.

DSC00953 DSC00954 DSC00955

Just like the Series 1 cars, these also have the Rangers’ symbols on the cars. Tiger Zord and Snake Zord has the Land symbols, while Lion Zord sports the Gosei symbol. Personally, I really love the Lion Zord vehicle. It just looks really nice and simple, and the paint just makes me love it even more!

Final Thoughts:

Going back to the vague mention of Series 3, which consists of Phoenix Zord (Pink Ranger) and Alien Cyborg (Vrak), you can order them on Amazon, as well as some auctions on eBay. You can order the Phoenix Zord here and Alien Cyborg here. I hope to find these in stores soon, because I can’t wait to complete my set of Rangers with Ms. Emma!

Now, for my review scores. Although I don’t care too much about Hot Wheels in particular, I really love these cars and, as I said earlier, they look great in any Ranger fan’s collection! Phoenix Zord definitely deserved an earlier release, but I’m just happy that we’re even getting a Pink Ranger car. The cars look great, the paints used look fantastic, and over-all, they’re absolutely MEGA!

Packaging: 10/10

Detail: 10/10

Personal Score: 9.5/10

Will you be buying these anytime soon? Leave your answer in the comments!

So, that was my first article. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed your experience! I can also be found on Tumblr and Twitter.