Part I: MMPR-Wild Force

DISCLAIMER: This article is written in regards to Ranger Keys being used.

Take a look at the Gokaigers, or  Power Rangers Pirates (PR 2014), they consist of 2 Female Rangers in Pink and Yellow and 4 Male Rangers in Red, Blue, Green and Silver. What Gokaiger is most known for is that they are able to transform into past teams by power of their Ranger Keys. One interesting thing that happens is gender-switching of certain colors. For example, in Ninja Storm (Hurricanger) the Blue Ranger is Female and the Yellow Ranger is Male, to handle this in the Gokaiger footage the color’s gender was switched and a skirt was added to the new Female color. This creates a Male Blue Ninja Storm Ranger and a Female Yellow Ninja Storm Ranger (complete with skirt).

One thing I have always noticed was when MMPR first premiered, Kimberly had a skirt and Trini did not. When I was a kid I figured it was because Kimberly was much more girlish than Trini, with her love of clothes and shopping, that it made sense that Trini didn’t need a skirt. However, as I grew older and became exposed to Super Sentai I realized it was because in the Japanese version that Ranger was actually a Male! In order to create a balance in the Power Rangers version of the Sentai, a Female Power Ranger was created over a Male Sentai Ranger.

Let’s take a look at the first 10 Seasons of Power Rangers and how the genders have swapped and how it will be shown in Power Rangers Pirates (PR2014)

In the first season, Mighty Morphin’, Kimberly the Pink Ranger has a skirt while her counterpart does not. This is because in Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger the Yellow Ranger, Boi is Male! While Boi was small and light on his feet it was easy, for the most part, to create a Female Ranger in the place of Male footage.

Here you can see that the Gokaigers have used their Mighty Morphin’ (Zyuranger) Keys .
What fans will immediately notice is that the Yellow Ranger now has a skirt, due to the fact that the Female Pirate (Gokaiger) Ranger is Female in both the Sentai and Power Rangers version. Here will be the first instance of the Green Ranger becoming a Black Ranger from the keys.

During Season 3, Alien Rangers were introduced based off of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger. In this Sentai there was only one Female Ranger who was in turn introduced to American audiences as the leader of the Alien Rangers. Like her predecessors, Delphine was also given a skirt; the first Female White Ranger.

When the Pirates (Gokaiger) use their Alien Ranger (Kakuranger) Keys another Female Ranger needs to be added, therefore a Yellow Ranger skirt is introduced! Here we can also see the Green Ranger become Black because of the keys and for the first time the Pink Ranger becomes a White Ranger.
There has also been gender-swapping with the Black Alien Ranger (Kakuranger) but those will be touched on in Part 3.

In Zeo (Ohranger) there are no gender changes as for the first time in Power Ranger history both of the Female Rangers have skirts!

Here you can see Sentai footage from Gokaiger where the entire team Morphs into Zeo Rangers (Ohranger)

In Turbo (Carranger), again there are no gender changes and both of the Female  Rangers have skirts.

As the Pirate Rangers use their keys, no gender swapping is needed.

In Space (Megaranger) will be the last time there are two specifically Female Rangers for a while, Cassie and Ashley both wear skirts in this season.

The Pirates (Gokaiger) will use these keys and have no issues with gender swaps. There will be a color swap for the Green Ranger.

After a few seasons of two Female Rangers in the Sentai, it was time for a switch up in Lost Galaxy (Gingaman). In order to make Hikaru-GingaYellow a fun-loving, young and fancy free Ranger into a woman they created the wild and free Maya.

If you click to enlarge this photo, or watch the episode, you can see that the Yellow Ranger is given a skirt! All the Rangers retain their colors and the Yellow Ranger gains a skirt when the Pirates (Gokaiger) use the Lost Galaxy (Gingaman) Keys.

Go-Go V again has only one Female Ranger and thus Power Rangers turns the youngest member of Go-Go V into a Female daredevil member of Lightspeed Rescue, Kelsey.

Again, the Pirates (Gokaiger) use the Lightspeed Rescue (Go-Go V) Keys retaining their colors and adding a skirt to the Yellow Ranger.

Time Force is based on Mirai Sentai Timeranger and once again they have one Female Ranger. TimeYellow was turned from a womanizer to a rough and tough Female Yellow, Katie.

Here you can see, the Yellow Ranger of the Pirates (Gokaiger) will be given a skirt when using the Time Force (Timeranger) Keys!

In Gaoranger, the Yellow Ranger was almost exactly the same person as his Power Ranger Wild Force counterpart Taylor. The only main difference being their gender! Along with the Mighty Morphin’ (Zyuranger) skirt addition. This addition is by far one of the most interesting.

The Yellow Ranger’s skirt goes along the same lines as the White Ranger’s skirt where there are small additions of Pink. To match the aesthetic of the suit design the skirt was added with a black stripe. When the Pirates Gokaiger) use the Wild Force (Gaoranger) Key’s a new skirt will be added to the Yellow Ranger, Pink becomes White and the Green will become Black.

In Part Two, we will take a look at Ninja Storm (Hurricanger) through Samurai (Shinkenger)
In Part Three, we will look at some of the other Ranger colors (in relation to Power Ranger teams only) that have gender changes.