Part II: Ninja Storm-Samurai

DISCLAIMER: This article was written in regards to Ranger Keys being used.

Continuing with my “To Skirt or Not to Skirt” articles, we now take a look at the Disney era of Power Rangers, Ninja Storm through Power Rangers RPM and then onto Samurai. During this era of Power Rangers there are a lot of different changes as well as some color swaps!
*in this article the 21st (2014) Season of Power Rangers is referred to as Power Rangers Pirates.

Let’s take a look at the next 8 Seasons of Power Rangers, how the genders have swapped and how it will be shown in Power Rangers Pirates  (PR2014)

In the 11th Season of Power Rangers, Ninja Storm introduced the intro of 3 Ranger teams. Later, the two Thunder Rangers were introduced  and added to the team (only in different shades of two previously used colors). This was also the first time where we see a Female Blue Ranger but we have seen a Male Yellow Ranger before.

In Gokaiger, we get some interesting changes we haven’t seen before. First, the Male Blue Ranger converts the Female skirted version to a standard Male version. The Yellow Ranger now has a skirt to coincide with the gender of the Pirate’s Yellow Ranger. Another interesting change is that the Pink and Green Rangers become the Navy and Crimson Rangers and a skirt is added to the Navy Ranger as the Pink Ranger uses his key!

In Dino Thunder there was only one Female Ranger, just as Ninja Storm had been. Here the Yellow Ranger has a skirt but since there is only one Female Ranger in the team another skirt had to be added. The Green Ranger will also become a Black Ranger in this change.

Here is an image of the entire team as the Dino Thunder (Abaranger) team, although in this shot the Pink Ranger is comically morphed into AbarePink which was never shown in Power Rangers. Previous episodes of Gokaiger show the Pink Ranger as the White Dino Ranger (AbareKiller) which adds the skirt to this Ranger who is technically considered a “6th Ranger” even though he only makes fifth.

Power Rangers SPD marked the first time in Power Rangers where there were no skirts at all, however Dekaranger is not the first time this has occurred. Although the suits still seem stylized to look more feminine that than Male Ranger suits, even the SPD Kat Ranger and Nova Ranger have no skirt.

As you can see, no changes will happen to the SPD team when the Pirates use their Ranger Keys.

In Mystic Force we see another Gender Swap, since in Power Rangers Pirates the Blue Ranger is Male and the Yellow Ranger is Female when the Ranger Keys are used the genders switch. The Pink Ranger and White Mystic Ranger retain their skirts as no Males use their keys.

Here you can see the gender switch, the Blue Ranger is now Male and has no skirt. The Yellow Ranger now has a skirt as the Female Pirate Ranger uses that key.

Operation Overdrive has a Pink and Yellow Female Ranger thus there will be no change during Power Rangers Pirates.

Yep, no change.

In Jungle Fury, much like in Dino Thunder, the Pink Ranger is made into the White Ranger with a skirt and the Yellow Ranger retains hers.

The White Rhino Ranger (GekiChopper) is changed to Female and gains a skirt while the Green Ranger becomes the Lavender Ranger!

In RPM there was another interesting change, the Yellow Ranger retains her skirt but the Pink Ranger becomes the Black RPM Ranger. In another twist, as there are a team of 6th Ranger the Silver Pirate Ranger becomes a combo on two Rangers.

Here is a close-up of the Morphing sequence where the Black Ranger gains a skirt. The second is the combination of RPM Gold and Silver combined into one Male Ranger.

In Samurai, we have the usual Female Pink and Female Yellow and there are no gender changes during Power Rangers Pirates. However, this season at the end of Super Samurai we will see our first Female Red Ranger (yes, I know Charlie is technically the first, but this is the first REAL Power Ranger Female Red)

Here you can see the Gokaigers morphed into Samurai (Shinkenger) Rangers and there are no changes.

The Female Red Ranger key is considered a Special Ranger key and actually is its own separate key from the Samurai Keys, but one could speculate that if a Female Ranger used the Red Samurai Ranger key a skirt would be added. Above is an example of the Samurai Red and Female Samurai Red keys being used at the same time.

In Power Rangers MegaForce the Pink and Yellow Rangers are Female with skirts attached to their uniforms.

Here you can see the Pirates morphed into the MegaForce team and there are no changes in skirts.

Coming up in Part III I’ll take a look at non-team specific gender swapping!
Thanks for reading!