Part III. Other Rangers

DISCLAIMER: This article was written in regards to Ranger Keys being used.

The Final part of my “To Skirt or Not to Skirt?” series ends with other gender changes that are not within the context of the Ranger team. Skirts added to Red Rangers or 6th Rangers, stuff of that nature!


Here is a change when the Gokaigers became all one color, in this case black, we have already seen the gender swap for the Black RPM Ranger (Go-on Black) but this time the Yellow Ranger has morphed into the Black Alien Ranger (NinjaBlack). Because of this change a skirt is added and the Ranger becomes female.


Here the Rangers have morphed into an all Red Team, the Pink and Yellow Rangers then add skirts to the Red Rangers they morph into.
On the left, the Pink Ranger has changed into the Red Mystic Ranger (MagiRed) creating an awesome looking Female Red Mystic Ranger. On the right, the Yellow Ranger has transformed into the Red Galaxy Ranger (GingaRed). I don’t know about you but I love the look of Female Red Rangers.


Here is another all Red Change, we have seen the Female Mystic Ranger but on the left the Pink Ranger has morphed into the Red Jungle Fury Ranger (GekiRed) adding a skirt to the suit. I love both looks!


Here is another image of a Female Red change, this change was not used in the show but was shown instead on a Gokaiger stage show.
Here the Red RPM Ranger (Go-On Red) gains a skirt when a Female Ranger changes using that key.


During one of the 6th Ranger changes the Silver Space Ranger (MegaSilver) gets a skirt and as we have seen before so does the White Dino Ranger (AbareKiller)!


During the Gokaiger movie, “Gokaiger VS Gavan” all 6 of the Rangers change into all Pink Rangers. There are 4 gender changes but the only one that matters to Power Rangers fans is that the Red Ranger transforms into the Pink Mighty Morphin’ Ranger (PteraRanger)! This is the first time we have ever seen Male Pink Rangers and it’s pretty awesome! But, don’t expect to see this in Power Rangers.


Again this has no bearing on Power Rangers as all these Rangers, besides the Green Samurai Rangers (ShinkenGreen) & (Shurikenger) from Samurai and Ninja Storm , are all Sentai Rangers. Since this change is all Sentai Rangers I highly doubt we will see this sort of all color change unless they create new Female Green Skirts. In the above image you can see Green Flash (left) and ShiShiRanger (right) become Female with a leotard and skirt added respectively.  But I do love to see Green Rangers with skirts!


Another interesting change was the use of the Gold and Silver RPM Rangers (Go-On Wings) in conjunction with each other. This would make the Silver Ranger a male. But, it is an interesting change to see two Rangers combined into one!


That concludes the Gender Changes that we most likely see in the Power Rangers Pirates adaptation season!
There’s going to be a really interesting Season and I cannot wait to see what they do with it. I hope they keep the one color changes and perhaps create some of their own like with the all Green Change!