Civilian Uniform Legacy


Galaxy Ranger Civilians

While some Rangers sport normal outfits while on duty, some Rangers rock either a jacket or an entire outfit while fighting unmorphed. In this article, I shall be going through the seasons in which the Ranger team sported a jacket or a full on uniform while on the field of battle or just hanging around the base.


Aquitian Rangers

Aquitian Uniform
The Aquitian Rangers sported black jackets with blue pants and gold boots. They also wear a shirt under their jacket reflecting their color.

In Space

Space Ranger Civilians

Astro Megaship Uniform
The Space Rangers, while on the Astro Megaship, sported a gray jacket and pants with a shirt of their specific color underneath.

Lightspeed Rescue

Lightspeed Uniform

Lightspeed Rescue Jackets
The Lightspeed Rangers, while on the battlefield sported red jackets with a patch on the shoulder with their number and color.

Time Force

Time Force Uniform

Time Force Uniform
The Time Force Rangers, while in the year 3000 sported simple white uniforms which were issued to each Time Force Officer.

Wild Force

Wild Force Uniforms

Wild Force Jackets
The Wild Force Rangers sported a jacket reflecting their color with a graphic of their Wild Zord on the back. Merrick also donned a similar jacket but long sleeved and made of a leathery fabric.

Ninja Storm

Ninja Storm Uniform

Wind Ninja Academy Uniform
The Wind Rangers sported the standard issue Wind Ninja Academy uniform which consisted of a black leather outfit with a side sash reflecting their element. The Thunder Rangers uniform are similar but with the Thunder Ninja Academy colors.


SPD Uniform

SPD Uniform
The SPD Rangers uniforms consists of a black police uniform with the left side reflecting their color projecting below a star pattern.

Mystic Force

Mystic Force Uniform

Mystic Force Uniform
The Mystic Force Rangers, while at Rootcore wear leather outfits with a hint of their colors with a white shirt underneath and a cape.

Operation Overdrive

Overdrive Uniform

Overdrive Uniform
The Overdrive Rangers wore black uniforms streamed with their color on their jackets.

Jungle Fury

Jungle Fury Uniform

Jungle Fury Uniform
The Jungle Fury Rangers wore jackets reflecting their color with Order Of The Claw logo sewn on the side. Theo & Casey sport black pants while Lily sports a black skirt and pants. When RJ & Dom joined the team, they also sported similar uniforms.


RPM Jackets

RPM Jackets
The main five Ranger Series Operators sport leather jackets with their number sewn on the back. Gem & Gemma wear black jumpsuits with a hint of their Ranger colors on their jackets and pants.

Samurai/Super Samurai

Samurai Uniform

Samurai Training Uniform
The Samurai Rangers training uniforms consists of a black uniforms with a hint of their respective color on their sash and belt.

Ninja Steel/Super Ninja Steel

Ninja Training Suit
The Ninja Training Suit consist of a black leather material with a star in the middle with their respective color and face mask.