Hangout Legacy



In most seasons of Power Rangers, our heroes in spandex usually have a place to rest and relax when they aren’t fighting a monster-of-the-week.

 In this article, I will go through every hangout throughout the years from Juice Bars to Froyo’s.


Angel Grove Youth Center Angel Grove Youth Center Interior

Angel Grove Youth Center
The Youth Center is a combination juice bar/gym that the Mighty Morphin’, Zeo and Turbo Rangers regularly frequented. It was originally under the ownership of Ernie but was taken over by Jerome Stone after Ernie left to build a bridge in South America.


Ernie's Beach Club Ernie's Beach Club Interior

Ernie’s Beach Club
Ernie opened up a beach club on Angel Grove Lake during the second half of Zeo.

In Space

The Surf Spot Surf Spot Interior

Surf Spot
This beach-themed restaurant is owned by Adelle Ferguson and is regularly frequented by the Space Rangers when on Earth.

Lost Galaxy

The Comet Cafe Comet Cafe Interior

Comet Cafe
The Comet Cafe is a cafe on Terra Venture that Bulk & Prof.Phenomenus ended up working at after they were fired from the Science Division.

Wild Force

Willie's Roadhouse Willie's Roadhouse Interior

Willie’s Roadhouse
Willie’s Roadhouse is a bar that Merrick worked and lived at during the battle with the Orgs.

Bulkmeier's Bulkmeier's Interior

Bulkmeier’s is a resort owned and ran by Bulk & Skull.

Ninja Storm

Storm Chargers Storm Chargers Interior

Storm Chargers
Storm Chargers is an extreme sports store owned by Kelly, is Dustin’s place of employment, and is regularly frequented by the other Ninja Rangers.

Dino Thunder

Hayley's Cyberspace Hayley's Cyberspace Interior

Hayley’s Cyberspace
Hayley’s Cyberspace is an internet cafe that is owned by Hayley, is Trent’s place of employment, and is regularly frequented by the Dino Rangers.


Piggy's Cafe Piggy's Cafe Interior

Piggy’s Cafe
Piggy’s Cafe is a mobile cafe that is regularly frequented by various alien types.

Mystic Force

Rock Porium Rock Porium Interior

Rock Porium
Rock Porium is a record shop owned by Toby and the place of employment for the Mystic Rangers.

Jungle Fury

Jungle Karma Pizza Exterior Jungle Karma Pizza Interior

Jungle Karma Pizza
Jungle Karma Pizza is a pizza parlor owned by RJ that the Jungle Fury Rangers worked at.

Megaforce/Super Megaforce

Shopping Mall Ernie's Brain Freeze

Ernie’s Brain Freeze
Located in a Shopping Mall, Ernie’s Brain Freeze is regularly frequented by the Mega Rangers and Orion’s place of employment while on Earth.

Dino Charge/Dino Super Charge

Dino Bite Cafe The Dino Bite Interior

Dino Bite Cafe (Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum)
Located in the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum, the Dino Bite Cafe is the Dino Charge Rangers frequent hangout and Shelby’s place of employment.

Power Rangers (2017)

Krispy Kreme
Kim & Trini are seen hanging out at Krispy Kreme together when they were training to morph into Power Ranger. Krispy Kreme is destroyed by Goldar when it is revealed that the Zeo Crystal was buried underneath.