Mentor Legacy


Mentor Legacy

A mentor, though not in every season is usually a wise person or creature who is there to give his or her Power Ranger team the knowledge and supplies to defend the Earth from evil forces.

In this article I will be going through every mentor in the Power Rangers Universe from Mighty Morphin’ to Ninja Steel.



Played By: David Fielding
Voiced By: Bob Manahan
This intergalactic wizards served as mentor to the Mighty Morphin’ & Zeo Rangers.



Played By: Carol Hoyt
A native from Inquiris, Dimitria served as mentor to the Turbo Rangers.

Lightspeed Rescue

Captain William Mitchell

Captain Mitchell
Played By: Ron Rogge
Captain Mitchell serves as the head of Lightspeed Rescue and mentor to the Lightspeed Rangers. He is also the father of the Pink & Titanium Rangers.

Wild Force

Princess Shayla

Princess Shayla
Played By: Ann Marie Crouch
This former princess of the ancient civilization of Animaria served as mentor to the Wild Force Rangers.

Ninja Storm

Sensei Guinea Pig Sensei Watanabe

Sensei Watanabe
Played By: Grant McFarland
Sensei Watanabe is the head teacher of the Wind Ninja Academy and mentor to the Ninja Storm Rangers.

Dino Thunder


Played By: Jason David Frank
Dr.Oliver is a science teacher at Reefside High School and mentor to the Dino Rangers.


Doggie Cruger

Commander Cruger
Played By: John Tui
Commander Cruger is the head of Space Patrol Delta’s Earth Branch and mentor to the B-Squad SPD Rangers.

Mystic Force


Played By: Peta Rutter
Udonna is the mother of Bowen, wife of Leanbow, and mentor to the Mystic Force Rangers.

Operation Overdrive

Andrew Hartford

Played By: Rod Lousich
Mr.Hartford is the CEO of Hartford Industries and mentor to the Overdrive Rangers. He is also the creator of Mack.

Jungle Fury


Robert James
Played By: David De Lautour
After Master Mao is destroyed by Dai Shi, RJ becomes the mentor to the Jungle Fury Rangers. He is also the owner of Jungle Karma Pizza.



Played By: Olivia Tennet
Dr.K is the creator of the Ranger Series Operators powers and mentor to the RPM Rangers. She is also the creator of the Venjix Virus.

Samurai/Super Samurai

Mentor Ji

Mentor Ji
Played By: Rene Naufahu
Mentor Ji is the caretaker of the Shiba House and mentor to the Samurai Rangers.

Megaforce/Super Megaforce


Voiced By: Geoff Dolan
Gosei was a student of Zordon’s and mentor to the Megaforce Rangers.

Dino Charge/Dino Super Charge


Played By: Richard Simpson
Keeper was the guardian of the Energems and mentor to the Dino Charge Rangers.

Ninja Steel/Super Ninja Steel

Mick Kanic
Played By: Kelson Henderson
Mick was originally a mechanic on Galaxy Warrior who later becomes the mentor of the Ninja Steel Rangers.

Power Rangers (2017)

Played By: Bryan Cranston
Zordon was the original Red Ranger who later becomes the mentor to the new team of Power Rangers.