Father Legacy

Wolf Warrior

Happy Father’s Day Ranger Fans!
A Father knows best or does he?! Some are evil, some are selfish but some are your most powerful allies!
Nick, I am  your fatherrrr!
Check Out the Fathers of Power Rangers in this Dad Legacy!


Jason's Parents Billy's Dad Zack's Parents Trini's Parents Kim's Parents

Mighty Morphin’ Fathers
During a Parents Day at Ernie’s, the parents of Jason, Trini, Kimberly and Zack arrived and shared the love for their Power Ranger Kids.

Bulk's Parents

Bulk’s Dad
Bulk’s Dad is among the many Dads seen during Parents Day.

Skull's Parents

Skull’s Dad
Skull’s Dad is among the many Family Members seen during Parents Day.


Aisha’s Dad
Aisha’s Parents arrived at Ernie’s to offer room and board to Kimberly after her mother left for Paris.

Thrax Lord Zedd

Thrax’s Dad, Lord Zedd
Before turning good, Lord Zedd conspired a son with her wife Rita Repulsa that vowed to restore their evil legacy.

Vile Family

Rita & Rito’s Dad, Master Vile
Master Vile fathered two of the most sinister Villains in Power Rangers History.


Prince Gasket King Mondo Prince Sprocket

Prince Gasket & Sprocket’s Dad, King Mondo
Mondo, the patriach of the Machine Empire, raised two wickedly mechanical Princes (Sprocket & Gasket) and raised them to be as horrible as himself.

David Trueheart Sam Trueheart

David Trueheart’s Dad, Sam Trueheart
Sam was the Native American adopted-father of David Trueheart, the brother of Tommy Oliver.

Old Kat And Tommy

Tommy Oliver
During the Zeo Christmas episode, it is revealed (at the time) that Tommy and Kat have gotten married and have children and grandchildren.

Tanya MMAR Tanya's Parents

Tanya’s Dad
Tanya’s Dad were accomplished explorers; Tanya was sent to Africa as her Parents explored searching for the Lost Tiki of Auric.


Justin And Dad

Justin’s Dad
Justin was always sad that his father was unable to spend much time with him because of his job.

Lost Galaxy

Zika And Magna Defender

Zika’s Dad, Magna Defender
A Ranger Father with a death wish! After his son Zika’s death, Magna Defender set out for revenge.

Commander Stanton And Daughter

Jodie Stanton’s Dad, Commander Stanton
Commander Stanton was in charge of Terra Venture and yet still finds the time to spend a moment with his Daughter Jodie, even though he may have to pawn her off on Kai a few times.

Trakeena And Scorpius

Trakeena’s Dad, Scorpius
The insect Father of Trakeena was once the leader of his own attack on Terra Venture but was destroyed by the Red Ranger or soooo Trakeena believed!

Lightspeed Rescue

Mitchell Family

Ryan & Dana Mitchell’s Dad, Captain Mitchell
Captain Mitchell commanded Lightspeed Rescue Ops and fathered both Ryan and Dana Mitchell.
The Captain had to make one of the hardest choices when he choice to save his son from death and handed him over to Diabolico.

Time Force

Wes And Mr Collins

Wes Collin’s Dad, Mr A. Collins
Mr. Collins was Wes’ Father and the ruthless businessman behind Bio-Lab and establishes the Silver Guardians.
At first Mr. Collins is obsessed with the money and is against his son becoming the Red Power Ranger, but later realizes just how valuable his son is.


Katie’s Dad
During “Future Unknown” Katie became more and more lonely for her family.

Ransik And Nadira

Nadira’s Dad, Ransik
Nadira was the daughter of the big bad Mutant Ransik who would do anything for his spoiled princess.

Wild Force

Cole's Parents

Cole’s Dad, Richard Evans
Richard Evans worked with her wife, Elizabeth and Dr. Viktor Adler in search of mysterious seeds in the Amazon.

Alyssa & Dad

Alyssa’s Dad
Alyssa and her Father disagreed vastly when it came to her future but eventually accepted her choices when he saw Alyssa use the fighting style he taught her in battle.

Ninja Storm

Cam And Dad

Cam Watanabe’s Dad, Sensei Watanabe
The mentor of the Ninja Storm Rangers was turned from Sensei into a Gerbil throughout most of the Season and was Father to Cam, the Green Samurai Ranger.

Dustin And Dad

Dustin’s Dad
Dustin’s Dad appeared in “Sensei Switcheroo” and like his son loves the sport of motocross!

Blake And Hunter Mr.Bradley

Blake & Hunter’s Dad
Blake and Hunter’s Father appeared as a ghost in the Mountain of Lost Ninjas, he tells his sons that Sensei Watanabe was not his murderer, but it was Lothor.

Dino Thunder

Trent And Mercer

Trent Mercer’s Dad, Anton Mercer
Anton like Mr.Collins did not accept the choices his son made but like Mr.Collins accepted what Trent did with his life.

Zeltrax And Goldenrod

Goldenrod’s Dad, Zeltrax
Zeltrax accidentally created a “son” named Goldenrod after trying to power himself up with the Geno Randomizer.



Sky’s Dad
Sky always looked up to his Dad and his position as Red Ranger and eventually set out to avenge his death when his killer, Mirloc resurfaced.

Boom And Parents

Boom’s Dad, Phil Boom
Boom’s Father comes to visit his son at SPD under the impression that he is the leader of the A-Squad Rangers.

Mystic Force

Nick And Leanbow

Nick’s Dad, Leanbow
Leanbow was the Father of Nick and husband to Udonna who once led the other Mystic Wizards against the forces of Octomus.

Operation Overdrive

Mack And Hartford

Mack Hartford’s Dad, Andrew Hartford
Spoiler Alert! Andrew Hartford never had the time to find a wife or have children, therefore he created his own child; the future Red Overdrive Ranger, Mack.

Jungle Fury

RJ And Master Finn

RJ’s Dad, Master Finn
Master Finn is the bearer of the Shark Spirit and father to RJ. Although the two had not spoken for quote some time it did bother RJ just a bit when Finn took on Casey as a pupil.


Scott And Dad

Scott’s Dad, Colonel Mason Truman
Mason Truman is the head man in charge of the Defense of Corinth City and was Father to Ranger Operator Series Red and his Pilot Brother, Marcus.

Flynn And Dad

Flynn’s Dad
Flynn’s Father taught him all he knows regarding mechanics, but at first, his Father was not happy about Flynn becoming a blue hero.

Summer And Parents

Summer’s Dad
Summers Father comes to visit his daughter at the Garage to marry her off to a rich guy.

Samurai/Super Samurai

Jayden Shiba Jayden's Father Lauren Shiba

Jayden & Lauren’s Dad
The elder Shiba who failed to seal Master Xandred permanently to the Netherworld,  passed down the Lion Folding Zord to Jayden before he died and warned his son to never give up and to trust your friends.

Kevin And Dad

Kevin’s Dad
Kevin’s Dad reveals to Kevin that he is destined to be the Blue Samurai Ranger and is to join the Samurai Power Rangers.

Antonio Antonio's Dad

Antonio’s Dad
Antonio’s Dad was briefly seen in Antonio’s second episode as a Fisherman in the marketplace where Antonio and Jayden first meet.

Spike And Skull

Spike’s Dad, Eugene “Skull” Skullovitch
Skull returned during Power Rangers Super Samurai to reunite with his son, Spike and his best friend Bulk.

Cody And Dad

Cody’s Dad
Cody’s Dad and his family have been protecting the Bull Zord for centuries but he didn’t do much to protect his son from his own curiosity.

Super Megaforce

Prince Vrak Angelic Form Emperor Mavro 

Prince Vekar & Vrak’s Dad, Emperor Mavro
Emperor Mavro does not only rule over an Armada, he also has two sons who attempted to gain his favor by taking over Earth.

Dino Charge/Dino Super Charge

Shelby And Dad

Shelby’s Dad
Shelby’s Dad is shown to want Shelby to get an education in business rather than having a career that in paleontology.

Tyler And James

Tyler’s Dad, James Navarro
Tyler has been searching for his Dad even since he went missing ten years ago. It is later revealed that Tyler’s Dad is the Aqua Ranger.

Ivan Of Zandar
Ivan is revealed to have a descendant in present day that looks exactly like him and is an artist.

Ninja Steel/Super Ninja Steel


 Brody & Levi’s Dad, Dane Romero
Dane Romero was a skilled ninja who disappeared into thin air after splitting the Ninja Nexus Star into six pieces.

Preston’s Dad, Marcus Tien
Marcus Tien is a rich businessman in Summer Cove that wanted to tear down the Ribbon Tree in order to put up a skyscraper.

Mick’s Dad
Mr.Kanic is the father of Mick Kanic from the Lion Galaxy that is able to communicate with his son after twenty years thanks to Princess Viera.

Power Rangers (2017)

Jason’s Dad, Sam Scott
Sam Scott works as a fisherman and shows concern for Jason’s future.

Trini’s Dad
Trini’s Dad is shown to be interested in how Trini spends her day.