Mother Legacy



Happy Mother’s Day Ranger Fans
Without these wonderful women, we would never have any of the amazing heroes we have loved for the past Twenty Two Years.

In dedication, here are the amazing Mothers in Power Rangers.


Jason's Parents Zack's Parents Trini's Parents Kim's Parents

Mighty Morphin’ Mothers
During a Parents Day at Ernie’s the parents of Jason, Trini, Kimberly and Zack arrived and shared the love for their Ranger Kids.

Bulk's Parents

Bulk’s Mother
Bulk’s Mother is among the many mothers seen during Parents Day.

Skull's Parents

Skull’s Mother
Skull’s Mother is among the many mothers seen during Parents Day.


Aisha’s Mother
Aisha’s Parents arrived at Ernie’s to offer room and board to Kimberly after her mother left for Paris.

Thrax Rita Repulsa MMPR S3

Thrax’s Mother, Rita Repulsa
Thrax’s Mom is one of the most Famous Mothers on our list. Even Evil Mother’s deserve a holiday and she deserves it with that size of a headache.


Aisha’s Grandmother
Aisha’s Grandma was a gentle woman who advised Aisha on the power of love and the evil of hate. The necklace that was given to Aisha gave her the power to defeat the Hate Master with her fellow Rangers.


Queen Machina And Sons

Prince Sprocket & Gasket’s Mother, Queen Machina
Machina, the matriarch of the Machine Empire, raised two wickedly mechanical Princes (Sprocket & Gasket) and raised them to be as horrible as their Father, Mondo.

Old Kat And Tommy

Katherine Hillard
During the Zeo Christmas episode, it is revealed (at the time) that Tommy and Kat have gotten married and have children and grandchildren.

Tanya MMAR Tanya's Parents

Tanya’s Mother
Tanya’s Mother was an accomplished explorer; Tanya was sent to Africa as her Parents explored searching for the Lost Tiki of Auric.


Divatox - Carol Hoyt Mama D

Divatox’s Mother, Mama D
Divatox’s Mama only appeared once during “Passing the Torch” as a holographic representation. Although Mama D looks down on Divatox as a failure she advises Divatox that the Power Rangers would fall if she removed the leader.

In Space

Ashley And Grandma

Ashley’s Grandmother
Mother’s Day is all about the Grandmothers as well. Ashley’s Grandma showed up during “Grandma Matchmaker” and attempted to set Ashley up for a husband. When Ashley lied that Carlos was her boyfriend, Grandma did not relent. Later, she realized that Ashley was strong enough to choose her own suitor.

Lightspeed Rescue

Kelsey And Grandmother

Kelsey’s Grandmother
Kelsey’s Grandma appeared during “The Fifth Crystal” when it was discovered that her most prized possession was the final crystal. Kelsey and her Grandmother reconcile when she realized that money was not the most important thing to her.

Queen Bansheera And Olympius

Olympius’ Mother, Queen Bansheera
Queen Bansheera was the mother of the baby Impus and commanded her servants to care for him until her return. Once Impus came of age and rose to become Olympius, his mother began to attempt to control him until her treachery lead to her demise.

Time Force


Katie’s Mother
During “Future Unknown” Katie became more and more lonely for her family.

Wild Force

Cole's Parents

Cole’s Mother, Elizabeth Evans
Elizabeth Evans worked with her husband, Richard and Dr. Viktor Adler in search of mysterious seeds in the  Amazon. When Viktor Adler became Master Org he went in search of Romantic Revenge, being in love with Elizabeth. Cole’s Mom hid him deep in the forest with a picture of their family and the Red Lion Crystal.


Alyssa’s Mother
Alyssa and her Father disagreed vastly when it came to her future. Her mother was concerned if Alyssa leaving was what is best for the Dojo.

Ninja Storm

Cam And Mom

Cam’s Mother, Miko Watanabe
Originally from her Father’s Samurai Academy, Miko was the first Female to be accepted into the Wind Ninja Academy and was the mother of Cam and wife to Sensei Watanabe. Trained in the art of the Samurai, she was also in possession of the Amulet before her death, but not before forbidding Kanoi from training their son in the ways of the Ninja.

Blake And Hunter Mrs.Bradley

Blake and Hunter’s Mother
Blake and Hunter’s Mother appeared as a ghost in the Mountain of Lost Ninjas, she tells her sons that Sensei Watanabe was not her murderer, but it was Lothor.


Boom And Parents

Boom’s Mother, Louise Boom
Boom’s Mother comes to visit her son at SPD under the impression that he is the leader of the A-Squad Rangers.

Mystic Force

Udonna And Nick

Nick’s Mother, Udonna
Udonna is the first Mother to become a Power Ranger and the first Female Mentor to become a Ranger. Her son, Bowen, was later discovered to be Nick, the Red Mystic Force Ranger. When Nick, Udonna and Leanbow are reunited at the finale of the series, they take off on their motorbikes into the sunset.

Clare Niella

Clare’s Mother, Niella
Niella was the mother of Clare, sister to Udonna and the Original Gatekeeper of the Underworld. During the great battle with the Mystic Wizards, Niella was ordered to seal the gate; the spell of which ended her life.

Leelee And Necrolai

Leelee’s Mother, Necrolai/Nikki Primvare
Necrolai was both the  Queen of the Vampires and the Mother to Leelee. Necrolai served as a Morlock spy and scout. but even as a Vampire she is powerful being not affected by the sun or garlic. At the end, Necrolai reverted to her human form and began to date Toby.


Summer And Parents

Summer’s Mother
Summer’s mother comes to visit her daughter at the Garage to marry her off to a rich guy.

Dino Charge/Dino Super Charge


Riley’s Mother
Mrs. Griffin is the mother of Matt and Riley who watches over their family farm.

Chase Ms.Randall

Chase’s Mother
Chase’s Mom lives in New Zealand with Chase’s sister Chloe.

Kendall’s Grandmother, G-Ma Betty
Kendall’s grandmother Betty comes to Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum with an ancient artifact from Koda’s tribe.

Ninja Steel/Super Ninja Steel


Mick’s Mom
Mrs.Kanic is the mother of Mick Kanic from the Lion Galaxy that is able to communicate with her son after twenty years thanks to Princess Viera.

Sarah’s Mom, Jackie Thompson
Jackie Thompson is a skilled inventor like her daughter Sarah.

Ripcon’s Mom
Ripcon’s mother is a pig-like alien and a supposed Galaxy Warriors Contestant.

Power Rangers (2017)

Billy’s Mom, Candace Cranston
Candace Cranston is shown to question the weird situations Billy has gotten himself into since becoming a Power Ranger.

Zack’s Mom
Zack’s Mom is shown to be concerned about her son’s welfare. She is also shown to be stricken with an unknown illness.

Trini’s Mom, June
Trini’s Mom is shown to be interested in how Trini spends her day.