Power-Up Mode Legacy



Before Battlizers are needed there are other powerful Super Modes or Power Ups that serve the Rangers in battle. There has been much discussion over the years about which constitutes a Battlizer, a Super Mode or simply a Power Up.

Below, thanks to ShadowRay22, you will see examples of either gray areas or simply Super Modes or Power Ups, I leave it up to you on how to classify these.


Dragon Shield Power
The Dragon Shield is a shield that is usually worn by the Green Ranger. However, the Green Ranger has the ability to transfer its power to another Power Ranger. The Dragon Shield is given to the Red Ranger for a short time when Tommy’s unable to use his Green Ranger powers for a short time. After obtaining his powers back, Tommy gives the Dragon Shield to the Black Ranger in order to fight off Oysterizer’s poisonous gel.

Metallic Armor

Metallic Armor
To battle Rita and Zedd’s enhanced Tengas, the Power Rangers are given a powered up form called the Metallic Armor which gives them enhanced strength and speed.

Lost Galaxy

Lights Of Orion Armor

Lights Of Orion
After obtaining the Lights Of Orion, the Galaxy Rangers were given an armor enhancement on their suits and weapons. To finish off monsters, the Galaxy Rangers can form together to create a ball of energy and thrust themselves through their enemies.

Lightspeed Rescue

Blue Mega Battle Green Mega Battle

Mega Battles
Designed by Angela and Clark Fairweather, the Mega Battles are used by Chad & Joel to take on overpowered monsters.

Time Force

Quantum Mega Battle

Mega Battle
Given to Eric by Alex, the Mega Battle is used by Eric when taking on numerous enemies at once by himself.

Ninja Storm

Super Samurai Mode PRNS

Super Samurai Mode
Cam can go into this mode when he takes off his shield and spins his helmet around. In Super Samurai Mode, Cam has a heightened sense of speed and strength.

Dino Thunder

Super Dino Mode

Super Dino Mode
When the Dino Rangers tap into full powers of their Dino Gems, they are able to go into Super Dino Mode which gives them heightened strength and speed as well as spikes on their costumes.

Triassic Mode

Triassic Mode
Conner can assume this mode when Kira & Ethan transfer some of their Dino Gem energy to the Triassic Shield.



After enduring a boot camp run by Sargent Silverback, the SPD Rangers are given SWAT Mode to use in battle. In SWAT Mode, the SPD Rangers are given special gear to use in battle against above average criminals.

Mystic Force 

Mystic Muscles

Mystic Muscles
Xander assumes this form whenever he needs a boost in strength.

Legend Warrior Mode
The Mystic Force Rangers are given this mode as a gift by the Tribunal Of Magic after learning a lesson about not abusing magic. In this mode, the Mystic Rangers are given an enhanced boost in spell casting.

Operation Overdrive

Defender Vest Black Defender Vest Blue Defender Vest 

Defender Vest
One of the Overdrive Rangers can use the Defender Vest to use the Drill Blaster against attacking monsters.

Jungle Fury 

Strike Rider Armor

Strike Rider Armor
Casey dons this armor while driving the Strike Rider.

Jungle Master Mode

Jungle Master Mode
After training with Pai Zhuq Masters in the Spirit World, the Jungle Fury Rangers are given the ability to assume Jungle Master Mode which gives them an enhanced boost in strength and speed.


Mega Mode

Mega Mode
The Samurai Rangers can assume this mode while piloting the Samurai Megazord.

Super Samurai

Super Samurai Red Super Samurai Blue Super Samurai Green Super Samurai Yellow Super Samurai Pink

Super Samurai Mode
Each Samurai Ranger can assume Super Samurai Mode when harnessing the powers of the Black Box, but only one Samurai Ranger may use it at a time.

Super Samurai Mega Mode Red Super Samurai Mega Mode Blue Super Samurai Mega Mode Green Super Samurai Mega Mode Yellow Super Samurai Mega Mode Pink

Super Samurai Mega Mode
This mode is used when a Samurai Ranger is in Super Samurai Mode while piloting the Samurai Megazord.

Shark Attack Mode 

Shark Attack Mode
This mode is activated when a Samurai Ranger uses the Shark Disk.

Shark Attack Mega Mode

Mega Shark Mode
This mode is used when a Samurai Ranger is in Shark Attack Mode while piloting the Samurai Megazord.


Ultra Mode

Ultra Mode
The Mega Rangers are given this mode after Troy tamed the Wild Sword.

Super Megaforce

Super Mega Rangers

Super Mega Mode
The Mega Ranger can harness Super Mega Mode when using the Legendary Morpher and use the Super Megaforce Key. In this form, the Super Mega Rangers can transform into any Power Ranger from the past twenty years.

Super Megaforce Silver Gold Mode

Super Megaforce Silver Gold Mode
Orion can use the powers of the Sixth Ranger Keys to assume this form.

Dino Charge

Dino Steel

Dino Steel
The Dino Charge Rangers can access this mode while using their primary weapons.

Dino Drive

Dino Drive
The Dino Charge Rangers can activate this mode in the Dino Charge Megazord when activating their Dino Drive Chargers.

Dino Armor X Dino Armor X Red

Dino Armor X
Chase and later Tyler can activate Dino Armor X to gain the ability to perform a powerful drilling attack.

Dino Super Charge

Dino Super Drive

Dino Super Drive
The Dino Charge Rangers can activate this mode in order to boost the power of the Dino Charge Megazord.

Ninja Steel

Ninja Master Mode
The Ninja Steel Rangers activate this mode while piloting the Ninja Steel Megazord.

Super Ninja Steel

 Ninja Super Steel Mode
The Ninja Steel Rangers can activate this mode in order to boost the power of the Ninja Steel Megazord.