Ranger Base Legacy


Dino Gems

Throughout the years. the Power Rangers have always had a place to go where they could find solutions, a sympathetic ear or relive the legend that is the Power Rangers.

In this article I shall be going through every Ranger Base in the Power Rangers Universe.


Command Center

Command Center/Power Chamber
Built by Zordon and Alpha 5 10,000 years ago, the Command Center was the Mighty Morphin Rangers base of operations up until the end of Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers when Rito and Goldar triggered a implosion device to blow up the Command Center. Thankfully, Zordon and Alpha 5 had a room underneath the Command Center known as the Power Chamber which slowly rebuilt the exterior of the Command Center. The Power Chamber finally met its end for good when the Space Pirate Divatox sent her army to attack the Power Chamber and set many explosives inside the Chamber inevitably destroying it for good.

Command Center (MMPR) Interior Power Chamber (Zeo) Interior Power Chamber (Turbo) Interior

In Space/Lost Galaxy

Astro Megaship Astro Megaship Bridge

Astro Megaship
Built by the rebels of KO-35, the Astro Megaship was used by the Space Rangers to travel the universe to search for Zordon and also to be used as the rangers primary megazord known as the Astro Megazord. After the Space Rangers save the universe by the United Alliance of Evil, the Astro Megaship is transformed into a museum but is eventually commandeered by the Galaxy Ranger to use in their battle against Trakeena. During the final battle with Trakeena, the Astro Megaship is sent on self-destruct to prevent Trakeena from harming fleeing citizens of Terra Venture.

Lightspeed Rescue

Aquabase Aquabase Interior

Lightspeed Aquabase
The Lightspeed Aquabase serves as the Lightspeed Ranger base of operations during their battle with Queen Bansheera and her force. The Aquabase is destroyed by a torpedoso that the Lightspeed Rangers are able to escape the ravaged Aquabase.

Time Force  

Clock Tower Clock Tower Interior

Clock Tower
The Clock Tower serves as the Time Force Rangers base of operations as well as the odd job business the rangers run known as Nick Of Time Odd Jobs.

Wild Force

Animarium Animarium Interior

Originally a piece of the ancient civilization known as Animaria, the Animarium was lifted into the sky with the Wild Zords and Princess Shayla so that if Master Org would ever return, five new Wild Force Rangers could be chosen.

Ninja Storm

Ninja Ops Ninja-Ops Interior

Housed underneath the Wind Ninja Academy, Ninja-Ops serves as the base of operations for the Ninja Rangers. Ninja-Ops was badly damaged by Lothor, Marah, and Kapri after the trio located it.

Dino Thunder

Dr.Oliver's House Dino Cave

Dino Cave
Housed under Dr.Oliver’s house, the Dino Cave serves as the base of operations for the Dino Rangers. The Dino Cave was severely damaged by Zeltrax while kidnapping a purified Elsa.


Delta Base Delta Base Interior

Delta Base
The Delta Base serves as a school for SPD cadets and the base of operations for the SPD Rangers. The Delta Base has a defense mode while being attacked and the ability to transform into a megazord known as the Delta Command Megazord.

Mystic Force

Root Core Root Core Interior

Root Core
Built by Udonna after the great battle against the Morlocks, Root Core serves as the base of operations for the Mystic Force Rangers.

Operation Overdrive 

Hartford Mansion Hartford Mansion Lab Interior

Hartford Mansion
Hartford’s Mansion serves as the base of operations for the Overdrive Rangers. Hartford’s Mansion also houses an underground lab the rangers use to track the jewels of the Corona Aurora.

Jungle Fury

Jungle Karma Pizza Exterior Jungle Karma Training Center Interior

Jungle Karma Pizza
Jungle Karma Pizza serves as the rangers place of employment and base of operations for the Jungle Fury Rangers.


The Garage Dr.K Lab

The Garage serves as the home and base of operations for the RPM Rangers. The Garage also houses a lab for Dr.K for which she uses to track the Bio Field.

Samurai/Super Samurai

Shiba House Shiba House Interior

Shiba House
The Shiba House serves as the home and base of operations for the Samurai Rangers.

Megaforce/Super Megaforce

Command Center Command Center (Megaforce) Interior

Command Center
Gosei’s Command Center serves as the base of operations for the Megaforce Rangers where dozens of Ranger Keys are on display. The Command Center also has the ability to transform into the Gosei Ultimate Command Ship which in turn transforms into the Gosei Ultimate Megazord.

Dino Charge/Dino Super Charge

Dino Slide Dino Lab Interior

Dino Lab
Housed under the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum, this lab is the base of operations for the Dino Charge Rangers.

Ninja Steel/Super Ninja Steel

Mick’s Workshop
Originally a painting room for cars, Mick commandeered this room so that he could forge Ninja Power Stars out of Ninja Steel for the Ninja Steel Rangers.

Power Rangers (2017)

Command Center
The Command Center was once a ship once piloted by Zordon and his team. After crashing into the Earth during the Cenozoic Era, it is now used as the base of operations for the current Power Rangers.