Ranger Planet Legacy


Ranger Planet Legacy

As we’ve explored the Power Rangers Universe these past twenty three years, we’ve learned how vast it is and how many different planets and alien race exist in this vast universe. In this article, I will go through the planets in the Power Rangers Universe that we have seen or visited in the show.


Nemesis Nemesis Ground

This planet is where the dumpster that Rita Repulsa & her cohorts were imprisoned in for 10,000 years.


Eltar is the home planet of Zordon.

Rigel Two Rigel Two Ground

Rigel Two
Rigel Two is a planet Rita used Eye Guy on to capture its smartest children.

Tarnac Three

Tarnac Three
Tarnac Three is a planet that Knasty Knight defeated one of Zordon’s Warriors.

Sorcery Seven

Sorcery Seven
Sorcery Seven is a planet that Rita attacked with the Terror Toad.

Dramak Five

Dramak Five
Dramak Five is the planet where the Singing Squash is grown.


Canine Four
Canine Four is the planet where Rita obtained the lamp that contained the monster Genie.

Deserted Planet Deserted Planet Ground

Deserted Planet
The Power Rangers travel to the Deserted Planet in order to retrieve the Sword Of Light.


Bookala is the home planet of Bookala.

Edenoi Edenoi Ground

Edenoi is the home planet of Alpha 5 & Dex the Masked Rider.

Zordina Zordina Ground

Zordina is where the Shogun Zords laid dormant for many centuries.

M-51 Galaxy M-51 Galaxy Ground

M-51 Galaxy
The M-51 Galaxy is one of the many galaxies conquered by Master Vile.

Aquitar Aquitian Ranger Base

Aquitar is the home planet of the Aquitian Rangers. Due to the Aquitar being submerged completely underwater, Aquitians must stay hydrated in order to be at full strength.



Triforia is the home planet of Trey, the original Gold Ranger. Triforians are known to have three distinct personalities.


Horath is the home planet of the being Tritor who was captured by Prince Gasket to fight in his arena.



Liaria is the home planet of Lerigot.


Inquiris is the home planet of Dimitria. Beings who are from the planet Inquiris tend to talk in questions.

Divatox Planet Divatox Planet Beach

Divatox Planet
This unnamed planet is the home of Divatox’s Army.

In Space

Cimmerian Planet Cimmerian Planet Interior

Cimmerian Planet
The Cimmerian Planet held the United Alliance Of Evil Conference that brought together all the major baddies in the Power Rangers Universe.

KO-35 KO-35 Ground

KO-35 is the home planet to Andros, Zhane & Karone.

Kalderon Kalderon Ground

Kalderon is a planet the Space Rangers traveled to to retrieve disks from a crashed NASADA Satellite.

Hercuron Hercuron Interior

Hercuron was one of the planets used to hold Zordon while the United Alliance Of Evil had him captured.

Brokaya Brokaya Ground

Brokaya is a planet used by the Space Rangers to track Zordon via satellite.

Onyx PRLG Onyx PRIS Ground

The planet Onyx is the home to many evil aliens throughout the galaxy.

Orange Planet Orange Planet Ground

Orange Planet
This unnamed Orange Planet is used by Divatox’s Army to transport cargo hauled by a captured Lightning Cruiser & Storm Blaster.

Kadix Kadix Ground

Kadix is a planet the Space Rangers traveled to and were attacked by Cloaked Scavengers.

Karovian Rebel Planet Karovian Rebel Planet Ground

Centaur B
This planet was used by the rebels of KO-35 during their war against the United Alliance Of Evil.

Yotoba Yotoba Interior

Yotoba was a location that Dark Specter used to trick the Space Rangers into thinking Zordon was being held there.

Seymour Home Planet Seymour Home Planet Ground

This planet is the home planet of Seymour & Jakarak’s alien species.

M-94 Galaxy M-94 Galaxy Ground

M-94 Galaxy
A planet in the M-94 Galaxy is used by the Psycho Rangers to store the captured Mega Voyager.

Forza Forza Ground

The planet Forza is used by Darkonda to lure the Space Rangers off the Megaship while Ecliptor boards it.

Vica Galaxy Closeup Vica Galaxy

Vica Galaxy
Rita & Zedd are given the task of attacking the Vica Galaxy during the United Alliance Of Evil’s conquest of the universe.

Phantom Rangers Home Planet Closeup Phantom Rangers Home Planet

Phantom Ranger’s Home Planet
The Machine Empire is given the task of attacking the Phantom Ranger’s Home Planet during the United Alliance Of Evil’s conquest of the universe.

Gratha Closeup Gratha

Divatox is given the task of attacking Gratha during the United Alliance Of Evil’s conquest of the universe.

Lost Galaxy

Mirinoi Mirinoi Ground

Mirinoi is the home planet of Maya and the resting place of the Quasar Sabers.

Red Planet Red Planet Ground

Red Planet
This Red Planet was used by Scorpius to house the captured Galactabeasts.

Magna Defender Home Planet Magna Defender Home Planet Ground

Magna Defender’s Home Planet
This planet was once the home of Magna Defender and his son Zika before Scorpius destroyed it.

Rashon Rashon Ground

Rashon is a planet that once held the Savage Sword.

Gwinnett Gwinnett Ground

The Planet Gwinnett is where the Pink Quasar Saber landed after Kendrix sacrificed herself to save Cassie.

Karasa Karasa Ground

This planet is used by Deviot to ambush the Galaxy Rangers into thinking the Pink Quasar Saber was there.

Warrior Planet Warrior Planet Ground

Warrior Planet
This planet held a power source that once belonged to a powerful warrior Karone defeated when she was Astronema.

Captain Mutiny Planet Captain Mutiny Planet Ground

Captain Mutiny Planet
Captain Mutiny has his slaves dig up jewels that are stored within this planets ground.

Time Force


Xybria is the home planet of Trip, the Green Time Force Ranger.

Ninja Storm


Karmania is the home planet of Skyla. Karmanian’s transfer their lifeforce to other beings before they are about to die.



Merlandia is a planet destroyed by the Troobian Empire prior to setting their sights on Earth.


Fernovia is the home planet of the criminal Hydrax.


Tangar is the home planet of Sky’s old friend Dru. Tangarians have the ability to transform into a monstrous form.

Sirius City Sirius Ground

Sirius is the home planet of Commander Cruger that was destroyed by the Troobian Empire many years ago.

Valko Planet Valko Planet Ground

Valko’s Planet
This unnamed planet is the home of Valko.

Planet Zentor Zentor Ground

The planet Zentor is the home of Sergant Silverback and is used as a training camp for the B-Squad to train to use SWAT Mode.

Gamma Orion Gamma Orion Ground

Gamma Orion
Gamma Orion is the planet the B-Squad found the A-Squad.

Operation Overdrive

Ice Planet Ice Planet Ground

Ice Planet
Flurious was imprisoned on this planet for millions of years after attempting to steal the Corona Aurora.

Volcano Planet Volcano Planet Ground

Volcano Planet
Moltor was imprisoned on this planet for millions of years after attempting to steal the Corona Aurora.

Thrax's Planet Thrax's Planet Interior

Thrax’s Planet
This unknown planet is used as the base of operations for Thrax and his Evil Alliance.

Mercuria Mercuria Ground

Mercuria is the home planet of the Tyzonn, the Mercury Ranger.

Super Megaforce

Andrasia Andrasia Beach

Andrasia is the home planet of Orion that was ravaged by The Armada.

Dino Super Charge

Sentai 6 Sentai 6 Interior

Sentai 6
Sentai 6 is the former resting place of the Dark Energem. It was destroyed by Lord Arcanon after he obtained the Dark Energem.