Ranger Powers: Where Are They Now?


Some Rangers lose their powers and some keep them intact! The Final Battles with their respective battles may have been fantastic but take a look at how the teams throughout the years have fared!

Mighty Morphin’ – The Dino Powers
(Power Coins)
The Dino Power Coins were technically never destroyed, We last see the Zords as they’re descending in flames, those Zords were actually used to create the Thunderzords. Zordon even says something to the effect of “There was enough of the Dino Zords left to create the Thunderzords”. That’s why every time they were summoned, we had to watch the Dinos morph into the Thunders, to remind us where they came from.  (thanks to commentor: Will) They weren’t enough to battle Lord Zedd! Tommy’s original Dino Coin was drained of its power by the Green Candle.
However, Tommy’s Green Ranger powers are shown again during his appearance in Super Megaforce.

Mighty Morphin’ – The Thunder Powers
(Power Coins)
When Rito Revolto showed up in Season 3 and destroyed the Thunder Zords, new powers were needed and the Rangers went in search of the creator of the Power Coins, Ninjor. The fate of the Dino Coins is still unknown, but have been used by Jason in “Forever Red”  from Wild Force and Adam in “Always a Chance” from In Space and “Once A Ranger” in Operation Overdrive even though it was said to be dangerous for the user to use a destroyed Morpher or Power Coin.

Ninja Ranger Mode

Mighty Morphin’ – The Ninja Powers
(Ninja Power Coins)
The Ninja Power Coins powered up with the power of Ninja were destroyed and turned to dust by Rito and Goldar towards the end of Season 3.
These Ninja powers were never used again creating the argument that the Ninja Powers were completely destroyed.

The Aquitian Powers
The source of the Alien Rangers’ powers is unknown. Although they were shown using some sort of Power Coin during the Alien Ranger saga, a Morpher was never established as they morphed with a simple “It’s Morphin’ Time!”
However, during the finale of  In Space the Alien Rangers are seen in suit thus creating the argument that the team’s powers are still usable to this day. It  was also shown in “Forever Red” that Aurico, the Red Alien Ranger can still use his powers.

The Zeo Powers
(Zeo Crystal)
At the end of Season 3; Tommy, Kat, Tanya, Rocky & Adam returned to the Power Chamber with a shard of the Zeo Crystal, a crystal that powered up their new Zeo arsenal. With the aid of Billy, Zordon harnessed the powers of the crystals to create his new team.  Zeo was never really given an ending instead being replaced by the Turbo Powers. It has been said that the Zeo powers only grow more powerful with time and are still active and usable as shown in “Forever Red” when Tommy regained his Red Zeo Powers.

When Jason took over the Gold Ranger powers from Trey of Triforia he eventually passed them back to him towards the end of the Season. The Gold Ranger powers are also shown to still be in existence during the finale of In Space.

The Turbo Powers
Replacing the Zeo powers was the power to Shift into Turbo which gave the Rangers a new race car themed suit and Zord design.
When Divatox’s forces invaded the Power Chamber to destroy it, it was said that the Turbo Powers were destroyed as well. As the Rangers raced into space they left Justin behind.
However, two instances exist where the Turbo powers were used once more.  In “True Blue to the Rescue” during In Space, Justin uses his Turbo powers to assist the Space Rangers. Then, later TJ uses his Red Turbo power in “Forever Red”. The Blue Senturion was shown during the finale of In Space and is believed to have his powers as well.
So, although it was established during the finale of Turbo the powers still seem able to be used.

The Space Powers
Zordon apparently had his hand in creating the Space Powers as well, but during the finale of In Space after Zordon gave his life to destroy all evil in the Universe (or so they thought) the Space Rangers seem to have their powers in tact. Two instances exist where we know the Space Rangers continue to have their powers. During Lost Galaxy’s “To The Tenth Power” & “The Power of Pink” the team of Space Rangers assist the Galaxy Rangers in defeating the returning Psycho Rangers. The second, Andros used his Red Space Ranger powers during “Forever Red”
However, TJ’s Blue Ranger & Cassie’s Pink Ranger powers are shown again during their appearance in Super Megaforce.

The Galaxy Powers
(Quasar Sabers)
The Galaxy Rangers gained their new powers by having been chosen by the long dormant Quasar Sabers housed on Mirinoi. The swords were their source of power and with the Trans Daggers allowed them to pilot the Galactabeasts as Zords. After the crash of Terra Venture and the defeat of Trakeena, the Rangers return their swords to the same rock on Mirinoi. The swords also seemed to have the power to return the dead to life, giving Kendrix a second chance at being Pink Ranger. However for the Magna Defender, his powers were said to be destroyed as Mike strained to keep the worm hole out of the Lost Galaxy open for Terra Venture to pass through.
Again, two instances exist where the Galaxy Powers are shown to be intact. During Lightspeed Rescue’s ” Trakeena’s Revenge” the Galaxy Rangers return to Earth to assist the Lightspeed Rangers in destroying Trakeena a second time!
However, Leo’s Red Ranger, Karone’s Pink Ranger & Damon’s Green Ranger powers are shown again during their appearance in Super Megaforce.

The Lightspeed Powers
The Rescue Morphers and thus powers were created by Lightspeed Ops and Ms. Angela Fairweather. These powers gave the Rangers access to a military arsenal of Rescue Zords and immense power to protect the citizens of Mariner Bay. After the defeat of Queen Bansheera, the Rangers return their Rescue Morphers and return to their normal lives.
The Lightspeed Rangers return in Time Force’s “Time For Lightspeed” showing the Lightspeed Rangers can still access their Morphers and powers. Also, Carter makes a return in “Forever Red” using his Red Ranger powers.
However, Carter’s Red Ranger & Dana’s Pink Ranger powers are shown again during their appearance in Super Megaforce.

The Time Force Powers
In the year 3000 the Earth has become a Utopia and law is enforced by the Time Force Rangers. After Alex, the Red Ranger’s death, 4 Rangers go back in time to chase after Ransik, the Red Ranger’s murderer. Since their Chrono Morphers are connected to their DNA they are the only ones who can use them to Morph. Wes, an ancestor of Alex joins the team as Red Ranger. After the final battle with Frax and Ransik, the 4 Rangers from the future return to the year 3000 and Wes stays back and joins the Silver Guardians with Eric, the Quantum Ranger.
The Time Force powers are shown still in tact during Wild Force’s “Reinforcements from the Future” and “Forever Red” where Wes and Eric returned as the Red Time Force Ranger and the Quantum Ranger. It is to be assumed that the Time Force is still active in the year 3000.
However, Wes’s Red Ranger powers are shown again during his appearance in Super Megaforce.

The Wild Force Powers
Princess Shayla, the guardian of the Animarium and the Wild Force Powers gave each Ranger their powers.  After the defeat of Mater Org all of the Wild Zords returned to the Animarium and each of the Rangers returns their powers to Princess Shayla and heads out on their own personal journeys. Merrick is said to have given up his Ranger powers to journey with Zen-Aku but it is assumed they can be attained once more someday.
However, no instance of the return of the Wild Force powers has ever been shown since.

The Ninja Storm Powers
The 3 chosen Wind Rangers gained their Wind Morphers from Sensei Watanabe in order to transform into Power Rangers. They would later be joined by Thunder Rangers and Cam Watanabe, the Green Samurai Ranger. Battling Lothor and eventually sealing him away in the Abyss of Evil caused their powers to be sealed away as well.
However, when Lothor is released during Dino Thunder’s “Thunder Storm” the Wind Rangers were turned evil and then good again by the Dino Rangers. It takes Hunter, Blake and Cam to enter the Abyss of Evil to regain their powers to defeat Lothor once more. Then it is shown that there was only enough energy to sustain one fight and after it is done, the Ninja Storm Rangers return to normal lives.
However, the Sentinel Knight of Operation Overdrive restored Tori’s Blue Ranger powers during Operation Overdrive’s “Once A Ranger” so it is unknown that without manipulation if the Ninja Storm Ranger powers can be used again.

The Dino Powers
(Dino Gems)
When Connor, Ethan and Kira find the Dino Gems it creates super-human powers for each of them. Dr. Tommy Oliver, an experienced former Ranger, returns to harness the Dino Gem’s power and with Hayley’s assistance created the Dino Thunder Ranger powers! In order to destroy Mesagog the Rangers use all of the Dino Gem’s power to create a giant Dinosaur that devoured all of Mesagog’s forces making their Gems nothing more than artifacts. Trent lost his powers in the fight against Mesagog,
However, in the SPD episode “History” Broodwing uses the Dino Gems to bring the Dino Rangers into the future. Against the advice of Doggie Kruger, the Rangers morph with their SPD counterparts and after assisting are sent back in time with no memory of their visit to the future. In another SPD episode “Wormhole” the SPD Rangers are sent back in time to stop Grumm from destroying the Rangers of the past.
The Dino Gem of Kira seems to be revitalized once more when used in the “Once A Ranger” episode of Operation Overdrive, therefore it stands to reason the Dino Gems can be re-energized.

 The SPD Powers
The already established Space Patrol Delta, an organization that keeps order throughout the universe has seemed to have tapped into the Morphin’ Grid and created powers for their teams of Rangers. The SPD Rangers fight against Emperor Grumm and Omni with their Special Police powers. Once the enemy is defeated, Jack decides to release his powers and Sky is promoted to Red Ranger, leaving Bridge as Blue.
The SPD powers remain intact and in use as Bridge appears in Operation Overdrive’s “Once A Ranger” having been promoted to Red Ranger in the future.

The Mystic Powers
The Mystic Rangers inherit their powers from ancient wizards and witches who fought against the Master. During present day Udonna and the Xenotome allow them to access spells and Morph into Rangers.  Their powers once lost and then restored destroyed the enemy with a blast of good magic. After the defeat of the Master, the Rangers return to their normal lives. The other non-Ranger heroes retained their powers as well.
Again, it was shown that some of the Mystic Powers must still exist as in Operation Overdrive’s “Once A Ranger” Xander had his Green Ranger powers restored. But, it was never stated that the powers were harmed after being restored.

The Overdrive Powers
After finding the crown of the gods, Andrew Hartford created the Overdrive Rangers in an attempt to find the jewels of the Corona Aurora. The Rangers fought against Flurious and his brother Moltor.  After the enemy is defeated the Rangers go back to normal or better lives. The Overdrive Powers remain intact.
During “Once A Ranger” it was established that the Sentinel Knight was able to restore the powers of any former Ranger, even the destroyed Mighty Morphin’ Powers that Adam used. This could be a set up for any Ranger to return in future seasons.

The Jungle Fury Powers
The Pai Zhuq or “Order of the Claw” get their powers from ancient animal spirits that grant them amazing power, but the evil forces of the Dai Shi also have such power. When this power is harnessed with the power of the Morphin’ Grid they are able to Morph into Power Rangers. Casey, Theo and Lily use the full power of their Animal Spirits  to create a Spirit Bomb and destroy Dai Shi.
The Jungle Fury powers remain intact.

The RPM Powers
Dr. K creates the Ranger Series technology which was able to combine the power of the Morphin’ Grid as well as the powers within the human body to sustain the powerful Ranger suits. As Venjix is defeated and new world is needed to be built, Dr. K asks for the Morphers to be returned and all the Rangers go on about their lives.
Later on in the Power Rangers Samurai Special “Clash of the Red Rangers” Scott returns with his Red Ranger powers in tact but is unable to de-morph due the difference in atmospheres.

The Samurai Powers
The Samurai powers come from an ancient group of Samurai Warriors who use the Power Symbols to fight the Nighlok onslaught in the  Earth realm. It was eluded to that the Samurai Powers has been around for quite sometime as they were utilized in Japan centuries ago.
When the battle with the Nighlok was over and Master Xandred defeated, the Rangers went their separate ways with their powers in tact.

Mega Rangers

The Megaforce Powers
Remaining intact through the end of “Vrak is Back” it would appear as if the Megaforce powers remained in tact until the end of Super Megaforce.
The Powers were used even during the Legendary Battle.

The Super Megaforce Powers
After the defeat of Emperor Mavro and the Alien Armada, the Rangers Super Megaforce powers remained in tact and were never destroyed.

The Dino Charge Powers
After the defeat of Sledge and his minions, as well as the last remaining monster Heximas, the Dino Charge Rangers retained their powers and returned to their former lives. The power of the Energems remains in tact and safely locked away with Keeper.