Ranger Sibling Legacy



“Siblings. Your Only Enemy You Can’t Live Without.”

True Friendship can always be found in the closest around you and that usually includes siblings!
Whether it’s teaming up to destroy the world, save it, or protect it. Whether your sister is an evil monarch or your evil brother betrays his friends and turns you into a guinea pig. Sibling relationships or even rivalries have rocked Power Rangers for years, so let’s take a look back at the Siblings throughout the Legacy!



Rita Repulsa & Rito Revolto
Children of Master Vile, Rita Repulsa and Rito Revolto are just like any other brother/sister villain team! Rita constantly has a headache and Rito bumbles through his sister’s assignments! AND they have different last names for some reason.

Barbaric Brothers

Barbaric Brothers
Lord Zedd sent the Barbaric Brothers to pollute Angel Grove Lake so that the Aquitian Rangers couldn’t rehydrate.



Tommy Oliver & David Trueheart
During Zeo it was revealed that  Tommy had a long-lost brother who was the adoptive son of Sam Trueheart.

Queen Machina And Sons

Prince Gasket & Prince Sprocket
The two sons of King Mondo and Queen Machina often squabble with each other over who is fit to run the Machine Empire; hijinks ensue.



Divatox & General Havoc
Brother Of Divatox, General Havoc arrives on Earth to deliver the Space Base Divatox ordered 100 years ago. He also aides Divatox for a short time by attacking Angel Grove with his Metallosaurus.

In Space


Andros & Astronema (Karone)
Kidnapped long ago by Darkonda on her home planet of KO-35, Andros finally found his sister in the wicked Queen of Evil, Astronema.
Luckily for him, his tears are magic.

Lost Galaxy


Leo Corbett & Mike Corbett
At first lost to his brother Leo, Mike returns almost from the grave and assumes the role of Magna Defender.

Shark Brothers

The Shark Brothers
The Shark Brothers aided Treacheron in getting revenge against Trakeena.

Lightspeed Rescue


Ryan Mitchell & Dana Mitchell
Ryan was taken by Diabolico, a decision made by his Father to save his life.
Later, when Ryan joins the team he is able to finally bond with his sister and fellow Ranger, Dana.


Angela Fairweather & Clark Fairweather
When Clark first arrived at the Aqua Base, Joel was completely jealous. Luckily for him, Clark turned out to be the very brainy and brawny brother of  Miss Fairweather. Phew!

Time Force


Katie’s Brother
During a very emotional moment, Katie pulls out a picture of her family and remembers them.

Wild Force


Jindrax & Juggelo
Juggelo is the brother of Jindrax who aided his brother in trying to destroy the Wild Force Rangers.

Ninja Storm

Sensei Watanabe Lothor

Kanoi Watanabe (Sensei) & Kiya Watanabe (Lothor)
The story of Kiya and Kanoi is a long journey that led them to become a Sensei of the Wind Ninja Academy and the menacing Lothor.
Visit the Ninja Storm Villain Section

Blake And Hunter

Hunter Bradley & Blake Bradley
Brainwashed by Lothor to believe Sensei murdered their parents, these two adoptive Brothers soon joined the team of Wind Ninjas as their bond grew stronger.

Marah & Kapri
These two lovely ladies are the bumbling nieces of Lothor, and by that extent Sensei and Cam’s relatives too, serve at the side of their Uncle and his evil plots.


Shane Clarke & Porter Clarke
Porter is the older brother of Shane who did not approve of Shane’s lifestyle until he found out that Shane was the Red Wind Ranger.

Dino Thunder

Conner Eric McKnight

Conner McKnight & Eric McKnight
Conner’s twin brother aided Hunter & Cam in fighting some Kelzaks at the US Action Games.
Later it was revealed that he joined the Wind Ninja Academy.



Devastation & Shorty
Devastation was brought to Earth to aide Morgana and his brother Shorty in their attempt at conquering Earth.

Mystic Force


Madison Rocca & Vida Rocca
These two bodacious brunettes were a sister duo during Mystic Force but couldn’t have been more different.


Udonna & Niella
Niella, sister to Udonna, sacrificed her life to ensure that the Gates to the Underworld would be sealed forever.

Operation Overdrive

Flurious & Moltor

Moltor & Flurious
The main villains of Operation Overdrive, although on separate planets, are the brothers Moltor and Flurious.

Jungle Fury

Theo Luen

Theo Martin & Luen Martin
Luen is Theo’s twin brother who came to Jungle Karma Pizza to become best friends with the others but annoy his brother.



Scott Truman & Marcus Truman
Marcus Truman is the brother of Scott Truman who died during the Battle Of Corinth, While Scott had his issues attempting to live up to his Father’s expectations and the memory of his lost brother.


Gem & Gemma
After being raised in the Alphabet Soup think tank to be the tester of the Ranger Series Gold and Silver powers, Gem and Gemma join the team of Ranger Operators and continuously finish each other’s sentences.


Tenaya & Dillon
Lost to each other for ages and pumped full of bionic material, Dillon and Tenaya reunite after it is revealed that Venjix’s Tenaya 7 is Dillon’s sister.

Samurai/Super Samurai


Emily & Serena
Serena became ill when the call of the Samurai arrived, then Emily stepped in to take her place as the Yellow Ranger.


Jayden Shiba & Lauren Shiba
Years and years apart, as Lauren studied the Sealing Symbol, the Shiba Siblings finally reunite to stop the Nighlok only to separate once more when the mission was done.


Mia Watanabe & Terry Watanabe
He ain’t heavy metal, he’s technically a Watanabe! Terry arrives at the Shiba House to ask his sister to sing with his band. At first Mia is embarrassed by her brother’s ambition but soon joins him in a rockin’ song.
What I want to know, is if Mia gets sick can Terry be Pink Ranger?

Megaforce/Super Megaforce

Prince Vrak Angelic Form Prince Vekar

Prince Vrak & Prince Vekar
Although they were never seen together in the same scene, I know that many of us wanted a few scenes of snark back and forth.

Dino Charge/Dino Super Charge


Matt Griffin & Riley Griffin
Matt works on the Griffin Ranch with Mrs. Griffin but doesn’t seem to approve of Riley’s sword work.

Koda Taku

Koda & Taku
Taku is the younger brother of Koda who lived 100,000 years ago.

Chase And Chloe Randall

Chase Randall & Chloe Randall
Chase has a younger sister that visited him in Amber Beach when she performed at the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum.

Loafer & Leisure
Loafer & Leisure are twin siblings that have the ability to make humans lazy and want to have fun all the time.

Ninja Steel/Super Ninja Steel


Brody Romero & Aiden Romero (Levi Weston)
Brody Romero & Aiden Romero are sons of the ninja master, Dane Romero. It is later revealed that Aiden Romero is actually Levi Weston, the Gold Ninja Steel Ranger.

Ripperrat & Trapsaw
Ripperrat & Trapsaw are twin brothers that competed in Galaxy Warriors.

Power Rangers (2017)

Trini & Her Brothers
Trini has two twin brother that are shown to be fans of the Power Rangers.