Ranger Vehicle Legacy (NS – NSt)



 Have you ever noticed the Rangers riding around in shiny new cycles or piloting some awesome new vehicle made just for them? Well sure you have and so have I! It’s a Power Rangers staple! Here is a history of the cycles and vehicles the Rangers have piloted from Ninja Storm – Dino Charge! (For Part 1 – MMPR through Wild Force Click Here)

Ninja Storm

Red Ninja Glider Blue Ninja Glider Yellow Ninja Glider

Ninja Gliders
The Wind Rangers use the Ninja Gliders whenever they need to travel by air.

Tsunami Cycles Tsunami Thunder Cycles

Tsunami Cycles
The Tsunami Cycles serve as the Wind and Thunder Rangers primary form of transportation.

Mobile Command Center

Mobile Command Center
The Mobile Command Center is used by the Wind Rangers whenever they need their Tsunami Cycles.

Ninja Glider Cycle

Ninja Glider Cycle
The Ninja Glider Cycle was created by a man named Perry and given to by Hunter after saving him from his alternate ago Motodrone. The Ninja Glider Cycle can be maneuvered on the ground and in the air.

Dragonforce Vehicle

Dragonforce Vehicle
Powered by the Gem of Souls, Cam used this ship to travel to Lothor’s Spaceship so that he could rescue the kidnapped Ninjas there.