Red Battlizer Legacy


Red Battlizer

One of the original, best and strangest things to come out of Power Rangers are the original Battlizer Armors. It began with In Space and continues to this day, with a few exceptions. Some were even included in the Super Sentai versions for the first time ever.

Here’s a quick retrospective of the Power Rangers’ Red Ranger Battlizers.

In Space

Red Battlizer Armor

Red Battlized Armor
Episode Premiere: “Mission To Secret City”
“Red Battlized Ranger!”

During an altercation with a monster in the Secret City, a girl named Silvy activated an untested function on the Battlizer which becomes a Battlizer form. The Red Battlizer Armor gives Andros the ability to fly, power over gravity, and the power to fire torpedoes.

Lost Galaxy

Red Armored Ranger

Leo Corbett
Red Armored Ranger
Episode Premiere“Facing The Past”

Leo gained this mode from a warrior that Karone turned into stone when she was Astronema. The Red Armor Ranger had strong grappling power and has blasting power to finish off its enemies.

Lightspeed Rescue 

Trans Armor Battle Mode

Carter Grayson
Trans-Armor Cycle
Episode Premiere: “Web War”
“Trans-Armor Cycle, Armor Mode. Complete Transformation!”

The Trans-Armor Cycle Armor is used by Carter when he combines with the Trans-Armor Cycle.

Time Force

Red Battle Warrior

Wes Collins
Battle Warrior Armor
Episode Premiere: “Beware The Knight”
“Red Battle Warrior!”
This form was given to Wes by the White Knight to stop the Black Knight from creating chaos in Silver Hills.

Wild Force

Red Savage Warrior

Cole Evans
Red Savage Warrior
Episode Premiere: “The Wings Of Animaria”
“Animarium Mode! Red Savage Warrior Power Up!”

The Red Savage Warrior Armor is giving to Cole after his comrades solve a puzzle designed by Kite. In this form, Cole could harness the powers of the Falcon Wildzord and use it to battle his enemies.

Ninja Storm

Tri Battlizer Ground Mode Tri Battlizer Flight Mode

Shane Clarke
Tri-Battlized Armor
Episode Premiere“Shane’s Karma: Part 2”
“Battlizer Mode” or “Battlizer Flight Mode!”
This form was given to Shane by a Karmanian named Skyla who gave him her power before she died. This form gives Shane excelled speed, strength, and strong armor to withstand attacks.

Dino Thunder

Triassic Battlizer Mode

Conner McKnight
Triassic Battlizer
Episode Premiere: “The Passion Of Conner”
“Battlizer, Energize! Fire Kick! Super Fire Power!”
This mode can be activated when Conner taps into his maximum Triassic powers. In this mode, Conner wields super stretchy arms and two shoulder cannons that can blast his opponents to dust.


SPD Battlizer Cyber Mode SPD Battlizer Sonic Mode

Jack Landors
SPD Battlizer
Cyber Mode & Sonic Mode
Episode Premiere“Reflection: Part 1”
“Cyber Mode, Complete!” & “Battlizer, Mode 2, COMPLETE!”

This form can be utilized by the SPD Red Ranger when calling for RIC to combine with him.

Mystic Force

Red Dragon Fire Ranger

Nick Russell
Red Dragon Fire Ranger
Episode Premiere: “The Hunter”
“Red Dragon Fire Ranger!”

This form can be achieved when Nick, The Red Mystic Ranger combines with the dragon Fire Heart.

Operation Overdrive

Mack Hartford
Red Sentinel Ranger
Episode Premiere:Things Not Said”
“Red Sentinel Ranger, Activate!”
This form can be achieved when Mack combines with the Sentinel Knight.

** Jungle Fury & RPM did not have a Battlizer **

Super Samurai

Red Shogun Ranger

Jayden Shiba
Red Shogun Ranger
Episode Premiere: “The Bullzord”
“Shogun Mode!”
With the power of the ancestors harnessed the Red Samurai Ranger inserts a Shogun Disk into his buckle and transforms into the Shogun Ranger inside of the Megazord Cockpit.

Dino Super Charge

T-Rex Super Charge Red Ranger

Tyler Navarro
T-Rex Super Charge Ranger
Episode Premiere
: “Roar Of The Red Ranger”
“T-Rex Super Charge Morpher Activate!”

Tyler can transform into this mode by putting the T-Rex Super Charger into the T-Rex Super Charge Morpher. In this mode, Tyler can access the powers of all the zords when its Dino Charger is inserted into the T-Rex Super Charge Morpher.

Ninja Steel/Super Ninja Steel

Brody Romero
Lion Fire Red Ranger
Episode Premiere: “The Royal Rumble”
“Ninja Spin!”
When activating the Lion Fire Armor Power Star, Brody can assume an armor similar to that worn by Princess Viera.