Monster Suit Recycling In SPD



One of the interesting aspects that Power Rangers SPD introduced was the fact that in 2025, various alien types will be living alongside human beings on the Planet Earth. To solve the task of showing various alien types interacting in the background, the crew decided to reuse old monster suits from older season to accomplish this task.

In this article, I shall be going through every season from MMPR To Time Force and through the power of screen captures, show you every old monster suits used in SPD.


Baboo Baboo-like Alien

An alien with the head of Baboo was among the many aliens given stolen clothing by Z and Jack.

  Gatekeeper-like Alien  

An alien with the head of a Gatekeeper from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie and the body of Dragontron from Power Rangers Time Force was used as a patron that frequents Piggy’s Cafe.

Tenga Warriors Tenga-like Alien

A Tenga was seen ordering a drink at Piggy’s Cafe.

In Space

Crocotox 2 Crocotox-like Alien

A Crocotox was among the a group of aliens running away from SPD.

Lost Galaxy

Deviot Parsnippity

An alien with the head of Deviot offered to transform humans into parsnips and plant them in the ground for Emperor Gruumm.

Teksa Teksa-like Alien

An alien with the head of Teksa was among the many victims of Rhinix.

Rocketron Rocketron-like Alien

An alien with the head of Rocketron was seen sitting down at a table socializing with another alien at Piggy’s Cafe.

Lightspeed Rescue

Cyclopter Cycloptor-like Alien

A Cycloptor-like alien was seen sitting at a table at Piggy’s Cafe.

Arachnor-like Alien Arachnor

Arachnor-like Alien
An alien with the head of Arachnor is seen in the Delta Base as a cadet.

Time Force

Univolt Univolt-like Alien

A Univolt-like alien was among the group of aliens in the square where Z and Jack bumped into Bridge,Sky and Syd.

Izout Izout-like Alien

An Izout-like alien was among the many aliens to offer his services to Emperor Gruumm. He was also seen at Piggy’s Cafe frequently.

Conwing Conwing-like Alien

A Conwing-like alien is constantly shown ordering concotions from Piggy’s Cafe.

Ironspike Ironspike-like Alien

An alien with the head of Ironspike was seen sitting at a table at Piggy’s Cafe.

Dash Dash-like Alien

An alien with the head of Dash was seen socializing with other aliens at Piggy’s Cafe.

Chameliacon Chameliacon-like Alien

A Chameliacon-like alien was seen socializing at the grand opening of Piggy’s Cafe