Monsters Of Disguise


Kappa and Octopus

After watching the first two episodes of Kakuranger, I noticed the recurring trend of that series in which most of the monsters don a human disguise to help them either blend in or progress further in their plan of conquest.

In this article, I will be going through the many monsters of Power Rangers that used a human disguise to help them in their goal.

Disclaimer: I will be only doing monsters-of-the-week in this article. Villains donning a human disguise will not be included in this article.


Pineoctopus Pineapple The Clown

Pineoctopus/Pineapple The Clown
”No Clowning Around”
Pineoctopus disguised himself as a clown named Pineapple The Clown to blend in at a carnival so that he may turn the Power Rangers into cardboard cutouts.

 Twin Man Twin Man Disguised As Jason

Twin Man/Jason Lee Scott
“A Bad Reflection On You”
Twin Man disguised himself as Jason to ruin his reputation at Angel Grove High.

Primator Billy Primator Primator Zack

Primator/Billy Cranston/Zack Taylor
“The Wanna Be Ranger”
Primator disguised himself as Billy to get Alpha 5 to bring him to the Command Center and Zack to lure Kim & Trini to get ambushed by Z Putties at the park.


Delisha Ennivel Delisha Ennivel Human Form

Delisha Ennivel
“Stitch Witchery”
Delisha disguised herself as a posh fashion designer who used Ashley’s designs for a coat to use for evil purposes.

Maniac Mechanic Manny

Maniac Mechanic/Manny
“The Turn Of The Wretched Wrench”
Maniac Mechanic disguised himself as a student to finish Divatox’s Battle Wagon in a garage at Angel Grove High.

Crash Crash Human

”Song Of Confusion”
Crash masqueraded as the lead singer of a band named Crash & The Creeps to use their hypnotic song to confuse the students at Angel Grove High.

Lost Galaxy

Mutantrum Mutantrum Disguised As Mike

Mutantrum/Mike Corbett
“The Lights Of Orion”
Mutantrum disguised himself as an injured Mike to get Leo to open a door to a cave that was rumored to have the Lights Of Orion in.

Rykon Shondra

“Memories Of Mirinoi”
Rykon disguised herself as Shondra, a friend of Maya’s from Mirinoi to steal the Galaxy Book.

Lightspeed Rescue

Birdbane Birdbane Human

“The Great Egg Caper”
Birdbane disguised himself as a human to retrieve an egg that Jinxer lost.

Time Force

Conwing Conwing Human Form

“Quantum Secrets”
Conwing disguised himself as a human to get Eric to a vacant location to summon the Q-Rex.

Contemptra Angelique

“Lovestruck Rangers”
Contemptra disguised herself as a girl named Angelique to make the male Time Force Rangers fall in love with her.

Dash Dash Human

”The Last Race”
Dash disguised himself as a human to better blend in when venturing in the city of Silver Hills.

Cinecon Cinecon Human

“Movie Madness: Part 1 & 2”
Cinecon disguised himself as a human director to lure the Time Force Rangers into his movie dimension.

Mr. Mechanau Mr. Mechanau Human

“Undercover Rangers”
Mr.Mechanau disguised himself as a fitness guru to lure people into his gym that were turning them into Cyclobots.


Hydrax Diane

This Fernovian Bank Robber named Hydrax disguised herself as a woman named Diane to hid on Earth from a bounty hunter that was looking for her.

Giganus Dru

Giganus transformed into a human form named Dru to better fit in at SPD.

Mystic Force

Flytrap DJ Flytrap

“Stranger Within: Part 1”
Flytrap disguised himself as a DJ to lure the teens of Briarwood into his club to turn them into vampires.

Dino Charge

Memorella Memorella Disguised As Koda

“The Ghostest With The Mostest”
Memorella is transformed into a clone of Koda by Duplicon in order to infiltrate a Halloween Party being held at the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum.

Dino Super Charge

Beauticruel Britney Baines

“Love At First Fight”
Beauticruel switches bodies with a girl named Britney in order to get a boyfriend.