Ninja Steel Villain Predictions

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From the little information we know about Ninja Steel, the villain dynamic is an aspect that I find very interesting. A season where the villains are contestants on a popular intergalactic game show could be done right if they use all the villains the right way. In this article, I will show you how I would use each villain and what role I would give them.

Confirmed Villains


We already know that Ninja Steel will be using Kibanoi’s suit for the body of Galvanax and that he is the reigning champion of the intergalactic game show Galaxy Warriors.


Thanks to toy pics, we know that the Ninninger villain Gabi will be in Ninja Steel under the name Ripcon. Ripcon might be used as one of the highest ranked of Galvanax’s warrior contestants.

Baron Nero

Baron Nero (Suit Only)
A human villain wearing the ToQger villain Baron Nero’s suit was seen in the PMC Trailer. We can assume that he will most likely be the host of Galaxy Warriors or something within that capacity.

Possible Villains


With all the footage of Kyuemon on the ground and aiding monster, it would be interesting to see Kyuemon fit the role of an announcer that gives the villains the play-by-play of the event that our occurring on Earth. Another route they could go would be giving Kyuemon a role similar to that of the Zyuohger villain Naria and supply monsters with tech, footsoldiers and growing them when they are inevitably defeated by the Power Rangers.


Tsugomori could easily fit into the role of an announcer if they were to make Kyuemon tech supplier. Another route they could go would be a referee that makes sure that all of Galvanax’s contestants are following the rules.


Ariake could be made into an investor/producer of Galvanax’s show that comes in midseason after she see that ratings for the show have plummeted after the Power Rangers have defeated multiple contestants.


Like Ninninger, they could make Mangetsu the son of Ariake that she forces Galvanax to put on his show as a contestant and maybe for comedic effect, is clumsy and scared at first to match the footage.