Ranger Actors Voicing Monsters


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In the behind the scenes world of monster voices we have our well-known go-to’s like Barbara Goodson & James Gaylyn and our breakout stars like Alex Borstein & Bryan Cranston but did you know that there are some monster voices done by some ranger actors and side characters?

In this article, I will be going down the well-known actors in the Power Rangers Universe who have done monster voices.


Nightmare Zack Taylor Gerrok

Walter Jones
Better known as Zack the Original Black Ranger, Jones came back to the show to voice Nightmare in Lost Galaxy and one of the Machine Empire General’s named Gerrok in Wild Force.

Katastrophe Kat Tezzla

Catherine Sutherland
While Catherine Sutherland is widely known as Kat, the second Pink Ranger, she also voiced the monster Katastrophe in MMPR and one of the Machine Empire General’s named Tezzla in Wild Force.

Primator Bratboy Bulk Infinitor Severax

Paul Schrier
Paul Schrier not only played the infamous Bulk, he also voiced a multitude of monsters including Primator & Bratboy in MMPR, Infinitor in Lightspeed, and Severax in Time Force.


Divatox - Carol Hoyt 

Carol Hoyt
Carol Hoyt not only played the inquiring Dimitria in Turbo, she also voiced the monster Rykon in Lost Galaxy.

Lost Galaxy

Liztwin  General Venjix

Archie Kao
Archie Kao later came back to play Liztwin in Lightspeed Rescue and the leader of the Machine Empire General’s General Venjix in Wild Force.

Kendrix Contemptra

Valerie Vernon
Valerie Vernon lent her voice to the monster Contemptra in Time Force.

Lightspeed Rescue 

Carter Conwing

Sean Cw Johnson
Sean Cw Johnson not only came back to play Carter in Time Force, he also lent his voice to the mutant Conwing.

Captain William Mitchell Quarganon

Ron Rogge
Ron Rogge, unfortunately, did not come back to play Captain Mitchell in Time Force but he did voice the Super Demon Quarganon.

Karaoke Org Angela Fairweather Flute Org

Monica Louwerens
Better known as Ms.Fairweather, Monica Louwerens came back to the show in Wild Force to voice both Karaoke Org & Flute Org.

Time Force

Wes Collins Bulldozer Org

Jason Faunt
Jason Faunt not only came back as Wes in Wild Force, he also voiced the Org Bulldozer Org.

Shadow Chromite Translucitor Dr.-Michael-Zaskin Lionizer Hardtochoke

Ghouligan Moleman

Ken Merckx
Before playing Dr.Michael Zaskin in Time Force, Ken Merckx also voiced Shadow Chromite & Translucitor in Turbo, Hartochoke in Lost Galaxy, and Ghouligan & Moleman in Lightspeed Rescue.

Ninja Storm

Blake Bradley Starvak

Jorgito Vargas Jr.
During his tenure on Ninja Storm, Jorgito also voiced the monster Starvak in Ninja Storm.

SPD/Mystic Force

Daggeron Pestilox

John Tui
John Tui who played Commander Cruger & Daggeron in SPD & Mystic Force, he also voiced the Nighlok Pestilox in Super Samurai.

 Mysticon Toby Slambrook Antberry

Barnie Duncan
Barnie Duncan who played Piggy & Toby in SPD & Mystic Force voiced Mysticon & Al in SPD and the Nighlok Antberry in Samurai.


Bugglesworth Devastation Sat Bot


Kelson Henderson
Kelson Henderson has played a large variety of monsters including Bugglesworth & Devastation in SPD, Sat Bot in RPM, Psychotick in Megaforce, Cavity in Dino Charge and Badpipes in Ninja Steel.

Chip Whiricane Skatana Slammer

Nic Sampson
Nic Sampson has not only played Chip, the Yellow Mystic Force Ranger, he has also voiced Whiricane in Jungle Fury, Skatana in Super Megaforce, and Slammer in Dino Charge.

Operation Overdrive

Datum Rantipede Flurious Doubletone Iceage

Gerald Urquhart
Better known as Flurious in Overdrive, he also voiced Datum in Overdrive, Rantipede in Jungle Fury, Doubletone in Samurai, and Iceage in Dino Charge.

Giganus Tyzonn Tyzonn

Dwayne Cameron
Before playing Tyzonn in Overdrive, Dwayne Cameron voiced his monster for in Overdrive and played and voiced Giganus in SPD.

Jungle Fury

Hydrax Fran Lepus

Sarah Thomson
Better known as Fran from Jungle Fury, she also voiced and portrayed Hydrax in SPD and Lepus is Jungle Fury.=

 Master Lope

Andrew Laing
Andrew Laing not only played Master Lope in Jungle Fury, he also voiced Copyotter in Dino Thunder, Delex in SPD, Oculous in Mystic Force, Messenger in Megaforce and Heximas in Dino Super Charge.

Professor Cerebros Master Rilla Kraw

Stig Eldred
Before portraying Master Rilla in Jungle Fury, Stig Eldred voiced Kraw in SPD.


Flynn Vulpes

Ari Boyland
After becoming the Scottish mechanic in Power Rangers RPM, Ari Boyland went on to voice Vulpes in Samurai.

Goldenrod General Benaag Colonel Mason Truman Volcan General Peluso

James Gaylyn
James Gaylyn not only played Col.Truman in RPM, he also voiced Goldenrod in Dino Thunder, General Benaag in SPD, Vulcon in Overdrive, and General Peluso in Super Megaforce.