Rivalries In Red


Fury & Tyler

After viewing the mid-season finale of Dino Charge “Double Ranger, Double Danger“, I noticed that villains having rivalries with Red Rangers was a recurring trope that I really never noticed before. In this article, I will be going through the rivalries in red throughout the years.


Goldar & Jason

Goldar & Jason
The very first “Red Ranger Rivalry”, Goldar and Jason’s most epic confrontation consisted of Jason hiding in dried ice while Goldar toyed with him with his sword.

In Space

Darkonda & Andros

Darkonda & Andros
Once Darkonda was brought into the show and it was revealed that he was the one to kidnap Andros’ sister Karone all those years ago, a bitter rivalry ensued fueled by Andros’ determination to find his sister at any cost.

Lost Galaxy

Trakeena & Leo Corbett

Trakeena & Leo
This red rivalry came to be after Trakeena learned from the treacherous Deviot that Leo ultimately cause the death of her father Scorpius.

Wild Force

Master Org & Cole

Master Org & Cole
Master Org’s hatred for Cole was due to him being the last shred of embarrassment he endured as a human after Cole’s mother who he cared about deeply got married and started a family with another man.

Ninja Storm

Vexacus & Shane

Vexacus & Shane
This short term rivalry came to be due to Shane protecting a Karmanian Vexacus had his eyes set on.

Mystic Force

Korragg & Nick

Koragg & Nick
This red rivalry was never explained on the show but we are to assume the bond they have as father & son fueled this rivalry.

Jungle Fury

Jarrod & Casey

Jarrod & Casey
This rivalry came to be after Casey embarrassed Jarrod and usurped him as a guardian of the chest containing Dai Shi.


General Shifter & Scott Truman

General Shifter & Scott
This short-term rivalry sprung after General Shifter went rogue.


Deker & Jayden

Deker & Jayden
Deker’s thrist for a battle to quench his Uramasa fueled this Red Ranger Rivalry.


Troy & Creepox

Troy & Creepox
Probably one of the blandest red rivalries, Troy & Creepox’s short-term rivalry came to be due to sentai footage.

Ninja Steel

Brody And Ripcon
Brody’s rivalry with Ripcon started after Brody stole the Ninja Nexus Prism from under Ripcon’s nose. Ripcon would often taunt Brody in battle by calling him rat bait due to his servitude on the Warrior Dome for ten years.