Sledge’s Monster Recycling


Sledge's Monster Recycling

Sledge’s Ship is shown to have a sleu of prison cells that contain many monsters that are used to battle the Dino Charge Rangers. Most of them are from the sentai season Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger while some of them are monsters suits from other seasons.

In this article, I will be going through Sledge’s Prison to see which of the prisoners are recycled from other seasons.

 Ninja Storm

Beevil Beevilwing

A Beevil-like alien in a red kimono is seen in a cell after Heckyl is released from Solitary Confinement.


Angori Cloaked Monster Dino Charge

Cloaked Monster
The unused Dekaranger monster Angroi’s head is used for a cloaked monster seen when Memorella uses her Mind Beam on Sledge.

Broodwing Attack Mode Beevilwing

The alien with Beevil’s head and chest uses Broodwing’s wings for hands.

Mystic Force

Behemoth Behemoth Dino Charge

A monster with Behemoth’s head is first seen after Fury attempts to charge the Ptera Charger.

Necrolai Necrolai Prisoner

A prisoner with Necrolai’s head is seen trying to escape after Heckyl opens up all of Sledge’s Cells.

Operation Overdrive

Crazar Crazar Dino Charge

A monster with the head of Crazar is seen when it is shown that Fury has been demoted to cleaning duties on Sledge’s Ship.

Jungle Fury

Monkeywi Monkeywi Dino Charge

The Rinshi Beast Monkeywi’s picture is used as a creature Sledge desired to get a bounty on.


 Knight Bot Blue Knight Monster

Knight Bot
An alien with the body of Knight Bot is seen in a cell after Meteor reports his findings from New Zealand.

Dumbbell Bot Cloaked Alien

Dumbbell Bot
An alien with the head of Dumbbell Bot is shown being blasted by Heckyl after he decides to not join him.