The Many Wig Changes Of Astronema


Karone As Astronema

Astronema, better known as the Princess Of Evil is a fan favorite amongst gay men in this fandom and for good reason.
She was quick witted, sassy, shady, and most impressively, had more wig changes than a Drag Queen competing on RuPaul’s Drag Race. So let’s us go through the many wig changes of Astronema from impressive purple to destructive red.

Purple Hair
First Appearance
: From Out Of Nowhere Part 1
Last Appearance: Facing The Past
Astronema slipped on this impressive purple wig while she attended The United Alliance Of Evil Conference as well as introducing herself to the former Turbo Rangers.

Astronema Long Black Hair

Long Black Hair
First Appearance: Save Our Ship
Last Appearance: Protect The Quasar Saber
Astronema donned this black number during her over-the-top phase which included creating the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and using them to fight the Space Rangers.

Astronema Blonde Hair

Blonde Curly Hair
First Appearance: Satellite Search
Last Appearance: When Push Comes To Shove
To erase the events of a shell shocking failure, Astronema quickly changed to this blonde number for a short time.

Astronema Brunette Hair

Brunette Hair
First Appearance: A Wasp With A Heart
Last Appearance: Grandma Matchmaker
Astronema donned this brunette number to greet the Phantom Ranger fashionably late and to throw some subtle shade at Divatox shortly after.

Astronema Silver Hair

Silver Wavy Hair
First Appearance: The Barillian Sting
Last Appearance: The Rangers Mega Voyage
Prior to greeting the bounty hunter Darkonda, Astronema began to don a silver wig.

Astronema Short Black Hair

Short Black Hair
First Appearance: True Blue To The Rescue
Last Appearance: Red With Envy
Astronema donned this wig in the hope that it will represent a statement. A statement that gives off  the impression that she didn’t want to be a Power Ranger anyway. How Ironic!!!

Astronema Blonde And Gray Hair

Blonde & Gray Hair
First Appearance:
The Silver Secret
Last Appearance:
Always A Chance
What better way to attract a silver fox than to wear a blonde wig with gray highlights.

Astronema Blue Hair

Blue Hair
First Appearance: The Secret Of The Locket
Last Appearance: Dark Specter’s Revenge Part 1
What better way to meet your long lost brother that you haven’t seen since you were kidnapped by the forces of evil than to don a long dark blue hair piece.

Astronema Red Hair Brainwashed Astronema

Red Hair (Cyborg Form)
First Appearance: Dark Specter’s Revenge Part 2
Last Appearance: Countdown To Destruction Part 2
Let’s be honest, the last thing you have on your mind after being transformed into a cyborg, creating evil rangers, attempting to transforming the Earth’s Population into data cards, and leading a universal attack on good is what wig are you going to wear today.

PS: I give ya points for trying the naked look in the makeup department.

 Which Wig was Astronema’s Best?!