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(Special Thanks To SirStack For The Info)

Power Rangers In Space is regarded by most fans (including myself) to be one of the greatest seasons of Power Rangers in its Twenty Three Year History. With its combination of paying tribute to other seasons, introducing new and deep characters, and having a badass finale, Power Rangers In Space is a season that many other seasons strive to be like.

However, Power Rangers In Space might have been a completely different season if they followed the ideas that were planned in the original season bible.

In this article, I shall be going through the Original Power Rangers In Space Bible to give you an idea of what Power Rangers In Space could’ve been like if they went with the original ideas that the writers/producers came up with.


TJ Turbo Red Space Ranger

TJ As The Red Space Ranger
Instead of introducing Andros as the Red Space Ranger, TJ would’ve kept his role on the team as Red Ranger.

Justin Stewart Blue Space Ranger

Justin As The Blue Space Ranger
Instead of having Justin stay on Earth with his Daddy, Justin would’ve stayed on the team as Blue Ranger.



Divatox As The Main Villain
Without the character Astronema leading Dark Specter’s crusade of Universal Conquest, Divatox would’ve kept her role from Turbo as head bitch in charge.

Rita and Zedd

Rita & Zedd Have A Bigger Role
Apparently Rita & Zedd would’ve had a bigger role in the show other than being in just the premiere and the finale.


Goldgoyle Costume Used For Dark Specter
The Goldgoyle costume (or at the very least sentai footage of him) was apparently going to be used for Dark Specter instead of reusing the Maligore Costume from the Turbo Movie.


Ecliptor As Divatox’s Second-In-Command
Without Astronema to swear his loyalty to, Ecliptor would’ve replaced Rygog as Divatox’s Second-In-Command.


Craterites Used As Main Footsoldiers
Instead of having the Quantrons as the footsoldiers for In Space, the United Alliance Of Evil would’ve used the Sentai Footsoldiers known as Craterites.


Phantom Ranger

Phantom Ranger Is Kidnapped
Without Andros to gain intel on the United Alliance Of Evil, Phantom Ranger would’ve been given this role. However, unlike Andros, Phantom Ranger would’ve been caught by the UAOE.


Dimitira Continues Her Role As Mentor
Dimitira would’ve stayed on as mentor to the Space Rangers in this alternate version of In Space.

Bulk & Skull

Bulk & Skull Leading A Defense Force
Instead of having spent the entire season trying to hunt aliens, Bulk & Skull would’ve started a Defense Force for the City Of Angel Grove.


Mega Voyager

Cosmotron Megazord
The Mega Voyager would’ve gotten an original name known as the Cosmotron Megazord.

Stratoforce Megazord

Stratoforce Megazord?
A Megazord which looks like a beta version of the Mega Winger would’ve had an original name known as the Stratoforce Megazord. While this name was not used for a Megazord during this season, the following season Lost Galaxy would’ve used this name for one of their Megazords.


Simudeck Activated

Power Dome
Instead of having the Astro Megaship as their base of operations, a large pyramid known as the Power Dome would’ve replaced the Power Chamber as their main base of operations. The Power Dome would’ve been basic in design and would change colors depending on the situation.

Command Center

Power Chamber Still Intact 
Apparently Divatox would have never destroyed the Power Chamber in the Turbo Finale and instead would’ve been demoted to a charging station for the Space Rangers Zords & Devices.

Cimmerian Planet Interior

Cimmerian Planet Used A Villain Headquarters
The planet used in the premiere for the meeting of all the villains of the past five years would have been used as the villain headquarters for the entire season.