Villain Legacies


Power Ranger Villain Legacies!
*Featuring an amazing look at the Legacy of the Power Rangers*
Relive the many Legacies within the Power Ranger History from Megazord, Battlizers and Villains!
Articles written by: Cupofwater03 and ShadowRay22

Foot Soldier Legacy: Power Rangers VS Super Sentai
Relive all of the Power Rangers Foot Soldiers as we compare them to their Super Sentai Counterparts!

Evil Rangers Legacy
Ranger Teams turned Evil or Teams that were just plain bad, relive the Evil Rangers!

Villain Lair Legacy
Every Villain needs a place to plot their evil schemes!  Relive each and every lair in this Legacy!

Evil Zord Legacy
Zords can be evil too and you can relive each and every one here!

Female Monster Legacy
When Female Monsters rarely appear they can kick some major tail! Relive these fierce monsters in this Legacy!

“Make My Monster Grow” Legacy
When the final battle is at hand every Villain makes their monster grow! Relive those methods!

Treacherous Villain Legacy
Many Villains have their lackeys but not many of them know what they’re up to behind their backs!
Relive their treachery!

Original Villain Legacy
Many villains have their start with a Sentai suit, but some are brand new to Power Rangers!

Villain Motivation Legacy
Every villain has to have a motive, what’s theirs?

Monster Methods

Monster Method Legacy
The many ways in which monsters summon or make monsters!