Evil Rangers Legacy


What better scheme to destroy the Power Rangers than to pit another Ranger against them? At first, it seemed like a brilliant idea! Send down to Earth another Teenager with Attitude who also holds a Power Coin! But this Power Ranger is under a powerful spell craving the destruction of his rivals! Many times the idea of a single or entire team of Evil Rangers worked, for a time, while other times it utterly failed.

Let’s Take A Look At All The Evil Rangers Throughout The Years!!!


Power Punks

Power Punks
Played By: David Yost & Amy Jo Johnson
“Power Ranger Punks”
Billy & Kimberly were transformed into punks after drinking some of Baboo’s Punk Potion.

Tommy Oliver MMPR S01 MMPR Green

Tommy Oliver
Played By: Jason David Frank
“Green With Evil: Part 1” to “Green With Evil: Part 5”
One of Rita Repulsa’s better schemes was using the Green Power Coin she had in her possession and giving it to the new kid in town, Tommy Oliver. What ensued was an epic battle of Green VS Red which spawned a Five Part Mini-Series and a battle with a dark side that would continue all the way to Dino Thunder. Tommy would always struggle with his time as the Green Ranger and even battle himself several times in order to redeem himself. During the Green Ranger saga it seemed as if the Dragon Powers were more shackles than strength, creating a deeper meaning to the evil powers than any other in Power Rangers history. The introduction of the Evil Green Ranger would set off a course of history that would change Power Rangers forever and shape following Evil Ranger stories as well.

Twin Man's Clone Rangers Civilian Duplicate Rangers Morphed

Evil Duplicate Rangers
Played By: Austin St. John, David Yost, Walter Jones, Thuy Trang & Amy Jo Johnson
“A Bad Reflection On You”
Twin Man created duplicate rangers from Putties and took on the role of Red Ranger himself. His plan was to turn the people of Angel Grove against the Power Rangers. They are destroyed by their human counterpart.

Mind Controlled Billy

Billy Cranston
Played By: David Yost
“Return Of An Old Friend: Part 1”
Billy is put under mind control by Dramole to use him to get the Dragon Dagger.

Mighty Mutants

Mutant Rangers
Voiced By: Tom Wyner, David Yost, Walter Jones, Thuy Trang, Amy Jo Johnson & Jason David Frank
“Mighty Mutants”

Five Putty Patrollers & Commander Crayfish are given the Badges of Darkness so that they are able to emit powers similar to those of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.

Primator Billy Primator Primator Zack

Voiced By: Paul Schrier
“The Wanna Be Ranger”
Primator had the ability to shapeshift into any of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.

Primator Yellow Primator Black Primator Red Primator Blue

Primator Pink Primator Green

Dark Rangers Civilians Dark Rangers

Dark Rangers
Played By: Patrick Wolf, Ogie Banks, & Jhoanna Trias
“Green No More: Part 1 & 2”
The Dark Rangers were originally intended to be evil counterparts of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers that were powered by the Green Ranger powers but unfortunately for Zedd, Tommy regained the remaining Green Ranger energies Zedd stole from him and they were released from their brainwashing.

Mini Rangers

Mini Rangers
“Zedd’s Monster Mash”
Five Z Putties disguised themselves as pint-sized versions of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers to lure Tommy out of the Youth Center.

Tom Oliver Green Ranger

Tom Oliver
Played By: Jason David Frank
“Return Of The Green Ranger: Part 1” to “Return Of The Green Ranger: Part 3”
Wizard Of Deception created a Tommy Clone and was given the powers of the Green Ranger. After having a heart-to-heart with the real Tommy Oliver, Tom Oliver defected to the side of good. Due to two Tommy Oliver’s not being able to coexist in the same time, Tom decides to stay in the 1700s.

Clone Billy Mighty Morphin Blue

Clone Billy
Played By: David Yost
“Blue Ranger Gone Bad”
A statue of Billy was brought to life by Lord Zedd and turned evil. Personality wise, Clone Billy is very rude and very athletic shown when he is pumping iron at the Youth Center. However, he is not as smart as the real Billy as he can’t identify a hologram. He is destroyed by a combined blast by the Power Rangers.


Tommy Oliver

Red Zeo Ranger
Voiced By: Jason David Frank
“King For A Day: Part 1 & 2”
Tommy was brainwashed by Prince Gasket into thinking that he was the King of The Machine Empire and that the Zeo Rangers were his sworn enemies.


Shadow Rangers 

Shadow Rangers
Voiced By: Johnny Yong Bosch, Blake Foster, Nakia Burrise & Catherine Sutherland
“Shadow Rangers”
Tanya, Adam, Kat and eventually Justin’s powers were stolen by the Shadow Chromite who created evil shadow clones of the Turbo Rangers. Their one weakness was that they must be in some sort of light or they will cease to exist.


Crash & The Creeps
Voiced By: Kirk Thornton
“Song Of Confusion”
Crash & The Creeps disguised themselves as a band and played a song titled “Confusion” to confuse the Turbo Rangers.

Vampire Carlos

Carlos Vallerte
Played By: Roger Velasco
“Carlos And The Count”
Carlos was transformed into a vampire by Count Nocturn and desired human blood.

In Space

Astronema Disguised As Ashley Evil Yellow Space Ranger

Played By: Tracy Lynn Cruz
“Invasion Of The Body Switcher”
Astronema was transformed into an exact duplicate of Ashley so that she can board the Astro Megaship.

Psycho Rangers Evil Space Rangers

Psycho Rangers
Voiced By: Patrick David, Michael Maize, Wally Wingert, Kamera WaltonVicki Davis
“Rangers Gone Psycho” to “Power Of Pink”
The Psycho Rangers were created by Astronema’s forces to take on the Space Rangers. In their first fight, they read their ranger counterparts minds so that they could match them move for move. Each Psycho Ranger is able to assume a monster form when they grow to giant form. Eventually they are destroyed one-by-one and are brought back to life by one of Astronema’s machines. However, the Space Rangers trap them within key cards only for Deviot to release them in the following season.

Lightspeed Rescue

Cyborg Rangers

Cyborg Rangers
“Cyborg Rangers”
The Cyborg Rangers are created by General McKnight’s science division to replace the Lightspeed Rangers as protectors of Mariner Bay. However, due to one of Striking’s lightning attacks, their wiring goes faulty and they are turned evil. They are taken down one at a time by their human counterparts.

Ryan Titanium Ranger

Ryan Mitchell
Played By: Rhett Fisher
“From Deep In The Shadows” to “Truth Discovered”
Ryan Mitchell is first introduced sneaking into the Aquabase to steal the Titanium Ranger Morpher. He uses this morpher to morph into the Titanium Ranger and pummels the rangers into submission until the rangers defeat him with their newly acquired V-Lancers. After being defeated, Ryan lifts his visor open to show himself to the rangers and Captain Mitchell. After this revelation, Captain Mitchell orders the rangers to retreat. It is soon revealed that as a child, Ryan and his family were in a car crash and his father made a deal with the demon Diabolico to save his life in return for ownership over his life. There, Diabolico manipulated Ryan to be evil by saying that his father did not care about him and let him fall from the cliff.

Prince Olympius
Played By: Mike Chat, Sasha Williams, Alison MacInnis & Keith Robinson
“Olympius Ascends”
Prince Olympius absorbed four of the Lightspeed Rangers in his Star Power and used their bodily forms in order to infiltrate the Aquabase.

Time Force

Evil Clone Time Force Rangers
“Trust And Triumph”
These clones were created by Turtlecon to fight the Time Force Rangers in his pocket dimensions. They are destroyed after Turtlecon’s pocket dimension is destroyed.

Love Stricken Rangers
Played By: Jason Faunt, Michael Copon & Kevin Kleinberg
“Lovestruck Rangers”
The male Time Force Rangers were put under a love spell by the mutant Contemptra.

Jen Scotts
Played By: Erin Cahill
“Time Force Traitor”
Jen was brainwashed for a short time by her former partner Steelix.

Miracon Miracon Disguised As Time Force Blue

“Reflections Of Evil”
Miracon disguised himself as Time Force Blue in order to lure the real Time Force Blue into his Mirror World.

Wild Force 

Shadow Rangers
“The Master’s Herald: Part 2”
The Shadow Rangers were created from the shadows of each Wild Force Ranger by the Duke Org Onikage. When the rangers battled against their counterparts, they found out that each of them had their unique fighting style and, most alarmingly, would take damage when they attacked them.

Ninja Storm

Clone Tori

Clone Tori
Played By: Sally Martin
“Beauty And The Beach”
Tori was cloned by Marah & Kapri and dispatched to destroy Ninja-Ops.

Blake And Hunter Thunder Rangers

Evil Thunder Rangers
Played By: Adam Tuominen & Jorgito Vargas Jr
“There’s No “I” In Team” to “Return Of Thunder: Part 3”
When the Thunder Rangers were first introduced, they were shown to be aligned with Lothor. However, it is revealed that Lothor manipulated Blake and Hunter by telling them that Sensei Watanabe killed their parents.

Evil Ninja Rangers Civilian Evil Ninja Rangers

Evil Ninja Rangers
Played By: Pua Magasiva, Glenn McMillan, Adam Tuominen, Jorgito Vargas Jr & Jason Chan
“The Wild Wipeout”
In Goldwinger’s Gold Dust Dimension, the Ninja Rangers were the Evil Forces that attacked Blue Bay Harbor. Personality wise they are very different from the real Ninja Rangers. Shane desires to motocross, Dustin is very intelligent,  Hunter desires to skateboard, Blake is mean to Tori, and Cam is very similar to Cyber Cam. They are taken in by Mayor Lothor and his team.

Dino Thunder

 Trent Mercer 

Trent Mercer
Played By: Jeffrey Parazzo
‘White Thunder: Part 1″ to “Copy That”
After coming in contact with the White Dino Gem, Trent unwillingly becomes the White Ranger. The White Dino Gem would prove to have a mind of its own turning Trent’s evil against his will. Trent was eventually turned good and sided with the Dino Rangers.

White Ranger Clone
Voiced By: Adam Gardiner
“Copy That” to “Strange Relations”
The White Ranger Clone is created by Zeltrax after Trent turns good. However, creating the White Ranger Clone causes a glitch in the Morphin’ Grid and had to be destroyed by Trent.

Hypnotized Yellow Dino Ranger

Kira Ford
Played By: Emma Lahana
“The Missing Bone”
Kira was hypnotized by Fossilador to use her to get one of his bones in the possession of Tommy Oliver.

Evil Wind Rangers Civilian Evil Wind Rangers

Evil Wind Rangers
Played By: Pua Magasiva, Sally Martin & Glenn McMillan
“Thunder Storm: Part 1 & 2”
The Wind Rangers are tricked by a disguised Lothor to accept new morphers that turn them evil.


Wootox Sky Wootox Morphed

Played By: Chris Violette
When the evil alien Wootox switched bodies with Sky, the Blue SPD Ranger, he used his body and powers to complete his mission in finding the Delta Command Megazord cockpit.

Hypnotized Pink SPD Ranger

Syd Drew
Played By: Alycia Purrott
Syd was hypnotized by Mysticon to serve her as his lovely assistant.

A-Squad Civilian A-Squad Ranger Form

A-Squad Rangers
Played By: Gina VarelaNick KemplenD.J. SenaCorin Nemi & Motoko Nagino
“Resurrection” & “Endings: Part 1”
At the beginning of the series, The A-Squad Rangers are sent to fight a Troobian attack taking place in the Helix Nebula. Eventually, they are classified as MIA and B-Squad are promoted to defenders of the Earth. Towards the end of the series, the A-Squad Rangers are found by the B-Squad after they crash landed on a planet. However, it is revealed that it was all a hoax and that the A-Squad has aligned themselves with Emperor Gruumm willingly. The A-Squad is lead by Charlie, a Female Red Ranger which is unique in the Power Rangers Universe.

Mystic Force

Vampire Vida Vampire Vida Morphed

Vida Rocca
Played By: Angie Diaz
“Stranger Within: Part 1 & 2”
Vida was turned into a vampire by the Queen of the Vampires Necrolai and was used to fight her comrades.

Evil Mystic Ranger Clones

Evil Mystic Rangers Clones
“Light Source: Part 1”
Created by Hekatoid of the Ten Terrors, these clones took on the Mystic Force Rangers as apart of one of his games. They are destroyed by the combined powers of Chip & Maddie.

Possessed Nick Nick The Knight Wolf

Nick Russell
Played By: Firass Dirani
“Mystic Fate: Part 1”
Octomus possessed Nick’s body to destroy a village in the magical forest and battle Leanbow in Koragg’s Armor.

Operation Overdrive

Evil Overdrive Ranger Clones

Evil Overdrive Rangers Clone
“Red Ranger Unplugged”
 These were evil clones of the Overdrive Rangers were created by Crazar and had black collars instead of white. They disappear after Crazar is injured by the Mercury Ranger.

Jungle Fury

Evil Yellow Jungle Fury Ranger

Lily Chilman
Played By: Anna Hutchison
“Bad To The Bone”
Lily was infected by Porcupongo’s spike that makes her act badly.

Werewolf RJ

Robert “RJ” James
“Bad To The Bone” to “True Friends. True Spirits”
When Dai Shi damaged RJ’s Wolf Spirit, RJ was transformed into a mindless werewolf.

Elephant Ranger Shark Ranger Bat Ranger

Spirit Rangers (Evil Avatars)
Voiced By: Bruce Allpress, Oliver Driver & Paul Gittens
“Fear And The Phantoms” to “One Last Second Chance”
The Phantom Beasts, using the Crystal Eyes, created Three New Rangers from the spirits of the Elephant, Shark and Bat Masters to battle the Jungle Fury Rangers. The Crystal Eyes enabled the Phantom Beast Generals to control the Masters and summoned their Jungle Spirits to fight their students in ranger form against their will.


Corrupted Ranger Operator Series Black

Played By: Dan Ewing
“Brother’s Keeper”
Dillon was infected with the Venjix Virus which caused him to transform into a soulless hybrid.

 Mind Controlled Scott Mind Controlled RPM Red

Scott Truman
Played By: Eka Darville
Scott’s body was controlled by General Shifter temporarily after he secretly implanted a control key into his body.


Blue Samurai Ranger

Blue Samurai Ranger
Voiced By: Najee De-Tiege
“I’ve Got A Spell On Blue”
Kevin was put under a powerful spell by the Nighlok Madimot and he is forced to fight against Jayden in a one-on-one battle.

Super Samurai

Switchbeast Green Samurai Ranger

Voiced By: Dean Young
“Trading Places”
Mike tricked the Nighlok Switchbeast to switch bodies with him to free his comrades souls from objects.

Super Megaforce

Dark Robo Knight

Dark Robo Knight
Voiced By: Chris Auer
“Vrak Is Back: Part 1 & 2”
Vrak reprogrammed Robo Knight to evil so that he may aide him in the destruction of Earth.

Dino Charge

Evil Chase

Chase Randall
Played By: James Davies
“Breaking Black”
Chase temporarily comes under the control of the monster Spellbinder due to the powers of an evil pendant.

Evil Koda

Played By: Yoshi Sudarso
“Let Sleeping Zords Lie”
Koda was temporarily turned against his comrades when Stingrage stung him with one of his stingers.

Clone Dino Charge Rangers

Clone Dino Charge Rangers
“Double Ranger, Double Danger”
The monster Duplicon created clones of the Dino Charge Rangers so that Poisandra could get the E-Tracer.

Memorella Memorella Disguised As Koda

Played By: Yoshi Sudarso
“The Ghostest With The Mostest”
The monster Memorella is transformed into a clone of Koda by Duplicon in order to infiltrate a Halloween Party being held at the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum.

Dino Super Charge

T-Rex Tyler

Red Dino Charge Ranger
“Roar Of The Red Ranger”
Tyler was temporarily brainwashed into thinking he was a T-Rex after Ninja planted a virus in Kendall’s Computer.

Doomwing Evil Silver Dino Charge Ranger

Voiced By: Mark Wright
“Gone Fishin” to “Silver Secret”

Doomwing had the ability to morph into the Dino Charge Silver Rangers while he was fused with Zenowing. Doomwing used this ability to trick the Dino Charge Rangers into giving him information so that Lord Arcanon could use their zords.

Zombie Rangers Zombie Rangers II

Zombie Rangers
Played By: Brennan Mejia, James Davies, Michael Taber, Camille Hyde & Davi Santos
The main six Dino Charge Rangers (except Koda) are transformed into zombies after listening to the monster Screech’s music.

Evil Elf Tyler Evil Elf Chase Evil Elf Riley Evil Elf Shelby

Evil Elf Rangers
Played By: Brennan Mejia, James Davies, Michael Taber & Camille Hyde
“Here Comes Heximas”

Tyler, Chase, Riley & Shelby are transformed into evil elves after touching evil coal created by Heximas.

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (2016 Comic)

Lord Drakkon
“Issue 9” to “Issue 16”
Lord Drakkon is an alternate version of Tommy Oliver that stayed evil after the Sword Of Darkness was destroyed.

Tyrannosaurus Sentries
“Issue 13” to “Issue 16”
The Tyrannosaurus Sentries are soldiers in Lord Drakkon’s Army that wear a uniform based on the former Red Ranger.

Mastodon Sentries
“Issue 11” to “Issue 16”
The Mastodon Sentries are soldiers in Lord Drakkon’s Army that wear a uniform based on the former Black Ranger.

Sabertooth Sentries
“Issue 13” to “Issue 16”
The Sabertooth Sentries are soldiers in Lord Drakkon’s Army that wear a uniform based on the former Yellow Ranger.

Pterodactyl Sentries
“Issue 13” to “Issue 16”
The Pterodactyl Sentries are soldiers in Lord Drakkon’s Army that wear a uniform based on the former Pink Ranger.


Psycho Green
“Issue 20”
Psycho Green is the right hand of Dark Specter that was sent to the moon to release Rita Repulsa and her cohorts. He is thwarted however by a group of Power Rangers recruited by Zordon in 1969 and destroyed by them after Jamie, Nikolai and Daniel sacrifice themselves.

Power Rangers (2017)

Rita Repulsa
Played By: Elizabeth Banks
“Power Rangers (2017)”
Rita was a member of Zordon’s original team of Power Rangers that eventually turned to the dark side.

Super Ninja Steel

Levi Weston
Played By: Jordi Webber