Evil Zord Legacy



I bet you’ve always wondered just how many Evil Zords have existed in the Power Rangers Universe.

Lets take a look back at all the Evil Zords throughout the years.



Pilot: Tommy Oliver
Dragonzord was summoned by Rita so that her Evil Green Ranger was able to battle the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Zords.

Cyclopsis First Form Cyclopsis Second Form

Pilot: Goldar
Cyclopsis was summoned by Rita for Goldar to use to Attack Angel Grove during “Power Rangers Day”. It was destroyed by the Ultrazord.

Serpentera Serpentera Wild Force

Pilots: Goldar & Lord Zedd (MMPR) General Venjix (Wild Force)
Deemed the greatest zord ever built, Serpentera was piloted by Goldar & Lord Zedd whenever they wanted to give the Power Rangers a tough battle. Thankfully, Serpentera has a limited energy supply and is unable to function for a long amount of time. Years after Lord Zedd was purified, it was commandeered by the Generals of The Machine Empire and powered up by Neo-Plutonium Armor and was destroyed by Cole’s Wild Force Rider.


Metallosaurus I Metallosaurus II

Pilot: General Havoc
Metallosaurus was requested to be built for Divatox by General Havoc and his forces about 100 years ago. General Havoc succeeds in capturing the Turbo Megazord. However, his victory is cut short by the Turbo Rangers newly acquired Rescuezords. After being defeated by the Rescuezords, Metallosaurus is given upgrades which gave it a boost in power. It was destroyed by the Rescue Megazord.


Pilot: Elgar
Terrorzord is test piloted by Elgar and was almost strong enough to defeat the Turbo Rangers. However, due to the Terrorzord losing its connector pin before leaving for Earth, it loses its arm and is forced to retreat. In its second battle with the Turbo Rangers, Terrorzord is turned into a camel by Mr.Goorific.

Pilot: Divatox, Rygog & Porto
The Divazords were created by Porto and were sent one at a time to battle the Turbo Rangers. Eventually, all the Divazords teamed up to battle the Turbo Rangers and were destroyed by the combined efforts of all the Turbo Rangers Zords.

Lost Galaxy

Stratoforce & Centaurus Megazord
Pilot: Deviot & Hardtochoke (Remote)
Originally the Phoenix Galactabeasts & Rhino Galactabeasts, Deviot altered them to use for his own evil purposes. Eventually, they were cured of their brainwashing and defected to the side of good.

Time Force

Pilot: Frax (Remote)
Dragontron is created by Frax after he defected from Ransik. Dragontron is shown to be a tough opponent for the rangers due to him having only one weak spot. However, when the Time Force Rangers find that weak spot, they are able to take him down.


Pilot: Frax
Doomtron is Frax’s final robotic creation before he was captured and reprogrammed by Ransik. Powered by a Trizirium Crystal, Doomtron is able to go toe-to-toe with the Q-Rex that is until his Trizirium Crystal is altered which inevitably causes him to explode.

Wild Force

Dark Predazord

Pilot: Zen-Aku
Originally a Megazord used for good, the Predazord is turned evil when Merrick is corrupted by the Wolf Mask. After Merrick is freed from the Curse of the Wolf Mask, the Predazord is freed from its corruption.

Ninja Storm


Pilot: Zurgane
The first of Zurgane’s personal zords, Zuganezord was used to distract the Wind Rangers when the Thunder Rangers were traveling to the Mountain Of Lost Ninjas to break the force field Sensei Watanabe enclosed himself in. Zurganezord met his defeat by the hand of the Storm Megazord using the Lion Laser and Squid Drill.

Zurganezord II Zurganezord II Lightning Mode

Zuganezord II
Pilot: Zurgane
The second zord of the Zurganezord line, Zurganezord II has the ability to transform into a lightning mode similar to the Storm Megazord. Zurganezord II is taken down by the efforts of the Thunderstorm Megazord.

Zurganezord III

Zurganezord III
Pilot: Zurgane
The third zord of the Zurganezord line, Zurganezord III main purpose was to collect data from the Ninja Rangers Zords. Zurganezord III is destroyed by the Hurricane Megazord.

Hyper Zurganezord

Hyper Zurganezord
Pilot: Zurgane
The Hyper Zurganezord is created by Zurgane from the data Zurganezord III took from the Ninja Rangers Zords. It takes the combined efforts of the Hurricane Megazord & Mammothzord to destroy the Hyper Zurganezord.

Marazord, Kaprizord & Shimazuzord
Pilots: Marah, Kapri & Shimazu
These three robots were made in secret by Marah & Kapri and offered Shimazu one to pilot when he was attempting to escape the wrath of Vexacaus. The Shimazuzord is destroyed by Samurai Thunder Megazord while the Marahzord is destroyed by the Samurai Storm Megazord. However, their destruction is not in vain due to their generators disabling the Storm Megazord & Thunder Megazord for a short time. After putting up a good fight, the Kaprizord is finally taken down by the Hurricane Megazord.


Pilot: Lothor
The Lothorzord is used by Lothor to feed the Abyss of Evil and was destroyed alongside the Storm Megazord.

Dino Thunder

Dino Stegazord
Pilot: Trent Mercer & Evil White Ranger Clone
The Dragozord & Stegozord were converted to evil by the Evil White Ranger and were used to combine into the Dino Stegazord. The Dino Stegazord was used by Trent and later used by the Evil White Ranger Clone to use in giant battle against the Dino Rangers.

Replicant Zord

Replicant Zord
Pilot: Mesogog (Remote)
The Replicant Zord is an evil clone of the Thundersaurus Megazord that is summoned by Mesogog shortly after the destruction of Ugly Monster. It is destroyed immediately after it was summoned by the Thundersaurus Megazord & Mezodon Megazord.


Pilot: Zeltrax
The Zelzord is created by Zeltrax shortly after his banishment from Mesogog’s forces and is used by Zeltrax in one last ditch effort to destroy the Dino Rangers once and for all. The Zelzord is destroyed by the Dino Rangers setting the Thundersaurus Megazord & Mezodon Megazord on self-destruct.


Ringbah Robot

Giant Robots
Pilot: Various Monsters-Of-The-Week
Members of the Troobian Empire and various criminal types use giant robots to battle the forces of SPD.

A-Squad Megazord

A-Squad Megazord
Pilot: A-Squad Rangers
The A-Squad Rangers are given their own Giant Robot to fight the B-Squad Rangers. The A-Squad Megazord is destroyed by the SWAT Megazord.

Mystic Force

Catastros Centaurus Wolf Megazord

Centaurus Wolf Megazord
Pilot: Koragg
When giant, Koragg has the ability to combine with Catastros to form the Centaurus Wolf Megazord.

Operation Overdrive

Moltor Bot Dragonizer

Moltor Bot & Dragonizer
Pilot: Moltor & Flurious
These two zords were used when Moltor & Flurious teamed up and were strong enough to decimate and steal the Drivemax Megazord. Both the Moltor Bot and Dragonizer were destroyed by the Super Drivemax Megazord.

Flurious Bot

Flurious Bot
Pilot: Mig & Benglo
Flurious was originally going to pilot this robot himself but it was stolen by the Fearcats in order to obtain the Kiamook Cannon. It is destroyed by the Flashpoint Megazord.

Jet Bot

Jet Bot
Pilot: Mig & Benglo
Deemed as their secret weapon, the Jet Bot was used to attack San Angelas when the Overdrive Rangers were busy battling Flurious. The Jet Bot was destroyed by the combined efforts of the Flashpoint Megazord and the Drivemax Ultrazord.

Commando Bot Samurai Bot

Commando Bot
Pilot: Mig & Benglo
Originally one of the Fearcats normal robots, it was powered up by the Super Armor. It was destroyed by the Overdrive Zords.

Centurion Bot

Centurion Bot
Pilot: Mig & Benglo
The Centurion Bot was used to release the powers of the Centurion Torch. It was destroyed by the Drivemax Ultrazord.

Cybernetic Rex

Cybernetic Rex
Pilot: Moltor
The Cybernetic Rex is created by mixing the technology of Moltor and the Fearcats and was powered by draining life energy out of Ronny the Yellow Overdrive Ranger. It was destroyed by the Battlefleet Megazord.

Agrios Agrios Cyborg

Pilot: Mig & Benglo
Agrios is created by combining multiple objects into the Octavian Chalice and controlled by the Fearcats after fusing it with a Jet. Agrios was destroyed by the Drivemax Megazord.

Super Megaforce

Armada Megazord

Armada Megazord
Pilot: Prince Vekar
The Armada Megazord was sent by Emperor Mavro and piloted by Prince Vekar to attack the Earth. The Armada Megazord is destroyed by the Ultimate Legendary Megazord.

Levira Megazord

Levira Megazord
Pilot: Levira
This robot was piloted by Levira to aide her in destroying the Super Mega Rangers. It is destroyed by the Legendary Samurai Megazord.

Dino Charge

Dark Ptera Zord Dark Ptera Charge Megazord

Ptera Zord
Pilot: Fury
The Ptera Zord is summoned by Fury when Ivan was trapped inside of him.

Dino Super Charge


Pilot: Heckyl & Snide
Fortress is created by Wrench for Heckyl & Snide to use as a Personal Megazord that can predict every move of the Dino Charge Rangers Zords. When Lord Arcanon comes to Earth and has control of the Dino Charge Rangers Zords, Snide uses Fortress to take them on. After the Dino Charge Rangers regain control of their Dino Charge Zords, Fortress is destroyed by the newly formed Dino Charge Ultrazord.

Ninja Steel

Robo Rider Zord
Pilot: Cosmo Royale (Remote)
The Robo Rider Zord is turned evil by Cosmo Royale in the board game, Grave Robber. It is turned good once Levi enters the game and pilots it himself.

Super Ninja Steel