Make My Monster Grow Legacy


Make My Monster Grow

Each season has a unique approach to how the certain villain of the season make their monsters grow.

Let us take a look back at each season and how these villainous factions make their monsters grow.


 Rita's Magic Wand Wand Growth

Rita’s Magic Wand
In Season 1, Rita would throw her wand down to Earth, which would cause the ground to split open to make her monsters grow.

“Magic Wand, Make My Monster Grow!!!”

Zedd's Growth Bomb Bomb Growth

Zedd’s Growth Bombs
In Season 2, Zedd would hurl a bomb at the Earth which the monster would catch it and smash it to the ground to grow.

Rita & Zedd Growing Monsters Rita & Zedd's Growth Lightning

Rita & Zedd’s Staffs
In Season 3, Rita & Zedd would cross their staffs together which would cause a lightning effect to make monsters grow.

“By The Power And Force Of Lightning, Make Our Monster Grow!!!”


Orbus Growing Monster Machine Empire Monster Growth

Klank would throw Orbus at a monster to blast a green laser into a port resulting in the monster’s growth.

“Round And Around And Away You Go!!!”


Rita & Zedd’s Staffs
Rita & Zedd would cross their staffs together which would cause a lightning effect to make monsters grow.

“Make Our Monster Grow!!!”


Torpedoes Torpedo Growth

Divatox would fire torpedoes from her Subcraft which would make the monster grow after coming in contact with them.

“Fire The Torpedoes!!!” 

In Space

 Satellaser Satellaser Growth

Astronema would fire satellasers from her Dark Fortress to blast at monsters which would make them grow after coming in contact with it.

“Fire The Satellasers!!!” 

Lost Galaxy

Green Potion Potion Growth

Green Potion
In the first few episodes of Lost Galaxy, monsters would drink a potion to grow.
However, monsters later in the series would be shown to have the ability to grow by themselves.

Lightspeed Rescue

Jinxer Growth Card Demon Bat Growth

Jinxer’s Cards
Jinxer would throw a card at the remains of fallen monsters which would result in the monsters turning into small bats and re-combining into a giant version of the monster.

Time Force

Mutant DNA Patch DNA Growth

DNA Patch
When a Mutants DNA Patch falls off in battle, it would result in the monster growing.

Wild Force

 Toxica Staff Magic Beans

Toxica’s Magic Beans
To resurrect fallen Orgs, Toxica would recite an incantation and shoot beans out of her staff. These beans would fall into the green org puddle and the beans would regrow the monster to giant size.

“Evil Spirits Of Toil And Strife, Give This Fallen Org New Life!!!” 

Ninja Storm 

 PAM Scroll Of Enpowerment

Scroll Of Empowerment
Lothor would press a button on his Personal Alien Manager that would release a scroll from his ship which would land over a fallen monster, making it grow.

“Scroll Of Empowerment, Descend!!!” 

Dino Thunder

  Hydro Regenerator Regenerator Cloud

Hydro Regenerator
After one of Mesogog’s Mutations was destroyed by the Dino Rangers, Mesogog would activate his Hydro Regenerator which would activate a cloud to rain on the monsters remains, making it grow.

“Activate The Hydro Regenerator!!!” 



Giant Robots
Most monsters in SPD would use a robot in giant battle.
However, there are a few instances in which monsters are shown to grow in their own unique way.

T-Top's Growing Method 

Broodwing’s Bat
Broodwing sent a bat to bite T-Top to make him grow giant-sized.

Giganus' Growing Method 

Giganus’ Device
Giganus can twist a device, resulting in making him grow giant-sized.

Changtor's Growing Method 

Changtor’s Thumbs
Changtor can grow giant-sized by pressing his thumbs against his chest.

Shorty's Growing Method 

Shorty’s Growing Method
Shorty grew giant-sized after being blasted by the Canine Cannon.

Delex's Growing Method 

Human Cell Batteries
Delex uses energy from batteries powered by human cells to make himself grow giant-sized.

Mystic Force

 Necrolai's Mystic Morpher Dark Spell Seal

Dark Seal
Koragg and later Imperious would utter a spell in which a symbol would appear under the monster, making the monster grow. Necrolai also had the ability to make monsters grow after gaining Koragg’s magic for a short time.

Uthra Mejor!!!”

Operation Overdrive

Moltor Fossil Moltor's Monster Grow

Moltor’s Fossils
Moltor would fire a fossil at his monsters to make them grow.

 Kamdor Scrolls Scroll Growth

Kamdor’s Scrolls
Kamdor would fire scrolls at his monsters to make them grow.

Fearcat Skin Rip Fearcat Grow

Fearcat Skin Ripping
The Fearcat species can rip off their skin in order to grow giant size.

Jungle Fury

Zocato Rinshi Beast Grow

Normal Rinshi Beast would grow when they’ve gathered enough fear.
However, when Grizzaka arrived, he would grow his monsters through the power of his Zocato.

“Through The Power Of Zocato, Arise!!!”


 Venjix Download Attack Bot Growth

Venjix Download
Venjix would download a certain program into his Attack Bot, resulting in them growing.

“Begin The Download!!!”

Samurai / Super Samurai

Mega Monster Process Mega Monster

Mega Monsters
Nighloks would grow giant after being beaten in regular size.


Zombats Zombolts

To grow Warstar Aliens and Toxic Beasts, Vrak would send down his Zombat which would attach to a monster resulting in them growing. To grow his robots, Vrak would alter his Zombats into Zombolts which would attach to a monster resulting in their growth.

“Zombats Go!!!”

Super Megaforce

Maximizer Gun Maximizer

Levira would aim a gun at a monster which would fire a laser from the Armada Spaceship resulting in the monster’s growth.


Dino Charge

Magna Beam Button Magna Beam

Magna Beam
Sledge would fire a beam from his ship to make his monsters grow.

“Fire The Magna Beam!!!”

Dino Super Charge

Magna Beam DSC Manga Beam Satellite DSC

Magna Beam
Heckyl continues to use the Magna Beam to make monsters grow. However, due to Sledge’s Ship being stuck on Earth, it bounces off a satellite to reach said monster.

“Fire The Magna Beam!!!”


Heximas’ Magna Beam
Heximas has a Magna Beam on his sleigh that he activated after the Dino Charge Rangers thwarted his plans.

“Magna Beam!!!”

Ninja Steel/Super Ninja Steel

Gigantify Ray
The audience of Galaxy Warriors can vote if a warrior contestant gets a second chance after being destroyed. If the monsters get enough votes, Cosmo Royale pushes a button and a blast of energy is released from the ship making the monster grow.


Time Controller
Cleocatra was able to grow giant-sized after pressing a button on her time controller.