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Numerous villain factions in Power Rangers are shown to have different methods in how they unleash their Monster Army on the Earth. Some villains create their monsters through scientific or magical means while others have an army of various aliens or mythical creatures under their command.

In this article, I will go through each season of Power Rangers and examine the Monster Method of each Villainous Faction.


Finster's Clay Mold Monster Matic

Monster Matic
Finster would create monsters from clay sculptures and cook them in his Monster Matic. After Zedd takes over the Moon Palace, his job as monster maker is put on hold until Rita & Zedd get married.

Zedd's Monster Making Pirantishead Fish

Lord Zedd’s Staff
Lord Zedd would create monsters by shooting a bolt of energy at an animal or an object.

Master Vile's Monster Egg Blue Globber Small

Master Vile’s Monster Eggs
Master Vile is shown to have the ability to create monsters by spitting out eggs from his mouth and cracking them open.


Machine Empire Robot Factory Machine Empire Robot Army

Machine Empire Monsters
Machine Empire monsters were created by unknown circumstances but most likely built with abilities that reflected their mission goal.


Porto Monster Making Divatox's Monster

Divatox’s Monster Army
Divatox or Porto were shown to summon monsters from unknown parts. However, a few instances showed Porto having the ability to create monsters.

In Space

Astronema Monster Summoning Astronema's Monster

Astronema’s Monster Army
Astronema is shown to have the ability to summon monsters from unknown parts or create them out of thin air.

Lost Galaxy

Trakeena's Monster Summoning Trakeena's Monster

Scorpius’ & Trakeena’s Monster Army
Both Scorpius & Trakeena were shown to have a large number of monsters that served them.

Captain Mutiny's Castle Interior Captain Mutiny's Monster

Captain Mutiny’s Monster Gang
Captain Mutiny is shown to have a few monsters under his wing.

Lightspeed Rescue

Demon Cards Demon Summoning Unit

Jinxer’s Monster Card
Jinxer would create monsters from cards in his possession or from the other demons that served Queen Bansheera.

Time Force

Mutant Containment Units Mutant Rengenerator

Mutant Reanimation
Ransik would use a reanimation machine located in the Cryo Prison to reanimate frozen mutant criminals.

Wild Force

Org Spirit Org Monster

Org Spirits
Fallen Org Spirits would come to life after bonding with modern day items.

Ninja Storm

PAM Evil Space Ninja Summoning

P.A.M (Personal Alien Manager)
Lothor and his crew would use the P.A.M. to summon Evil Space Ninjas from Lothor’s Army.

Dino Thunder

Geno Randomiser Geno Randomiser Release Unit

Geno Randomizer
Mesogog and his generals would use the Geno Randomizer to create mutations by mixing the DNA of plants & animals with objects.


Morgana Drawing Book Mora's Monster Summoning

Mora/Morgana’s Drawings
When Gruumm didn’t have a space criminal to do his dirty work for him, Mora/Morgana would create monster from drawings.

Mystic Force

Imperious Monster Seal Imperious Monster Summoning

Morlock Monster Army
Morticon is shown to have an army of monsters at his disposal. However, when Imperious takes over, he is shown to summon monsters from a seal.

Operation Overdrive

Flurious Bot Summoning Flurious Bot

Flurious’ Robots
Flurious is shown to have the ability to bring to life or create giant robots.

Moltor's Monster Making Moltor's Dragon Monsters

Moltor’s Lizard Army
Moltor is shown to have the ability to create monsters by mutating his Lava Lizards.

Kamdor Monster Summoning Kamdor Monsters

Kamdor’s Ninja Scrolls
Kamdor is shown to have the ability to create monsters by wrapping everyday objects around multiple ninja scrolls.

Fearcat Bot Fearcat Bot Cockpit

Fearcat Giant Robots
The Fearcats have the ability to create giant robots.

Jungle Fury

Rinshi Animal Spirit Rinshi Beast

Rinshi Beasts
The Dai Shi Clan can give animal spirits to Rinshi to transform them into Rinshi Beasts.


Attack Bot Crane Attack Bot

Attack Bots
Venjix and his generals can design Attack Bots which are created in a cylinder and taken out by a giant crane.

Samurai/Super Samurai

Nighlok On The Sanzu River Nighlok

Nighlok Army
Nighlok are shown swimming in the Sanzu River until they are summoned by Master Xandred.


Warstar Insectoid Summoning Warstar Insectoid

Warstar Insectoids
Warstar Insectiods are shown to travel to the Warstar Spaceship from unknown locations in space.

Toxic Beast Summoning Toxic Beast

Toxic Beasts
The Toxic Beasts are summoned from unknown locations on Earth.

Metal Alice's Tablet Metal Alice Robots

Metal Alice’s Robots
Metal Alice can design robots on her tablet.

Super Megaforce

Armada Commander Ship Armada Commander

Armada Commanders
Armada Commanders are summoned from unknown locations in space.

Dino Charge/Dino Super Charge

Sledge's Cell Release Sledge's Prison Block Closeup

Sledge’s Prisoners
Sledge is shown to have an army of monsters in cages and are released when needed and would offer them their freedom in return for their services. Heckyl would later take over the prison and would use intimidation tactics to get these prisoners to do his dirty work.

Ninja Steel

Warrior Contestants
Cosmo Royale chooses warrior contestant to fight the Ninja Steel Rangers in order to obtain their Ninja Power Stars for Galvanax.

Super Ninja Steel