Villain Lair Legacy


Onyx Tavern

Let’s take a look back at the lairs that we love and know and maybe some you’ve forgotten.

Below you will find each and every lair from Mighty Morphin’ to Dino Charge.


Rita's Moon Palace Rita's Moon Palace Interior

Rita’s Moon Palace
The Moon Palace is the main headquarters of Rita Repulsa and her cohorts.

Zedd's Moon Palace Zedd's Moon Palace Interior

Zedd’s Moon Palace
When Zedd arrived on the Moon, he gave Rita’s Moon Palace an upgrade which included his own throne room.

Space Skull Space Skull Interior

Space Skull
The Space Skull is Master Vile’s base of operation as well as his primary form of transportation. 


Machine Palace Machine Moon Palace Interior

Machine Palace
The Machine Palace serves as the Machine Empire’s base of operations as well as the location where Cog and Quadrafighters are built. 

Rita And Zedd's RV Rita & Zedd's RV

Rita & Zedd’s RV
The RV served as Rita and Zedd’s base of operations when they returned to the Moon in the second half of Zeo.


Subcraft Divatox's Subcraft Interior

The Subcraft is Divatox and her cohorts  primary form of transportation as well as her main base of operations for the first half of Turbo. 

Space Base Space Base Interior

Space Base
When General Havoc arrived on Earth, he also brought the Space Base with him. Divatox uses the Space Base as her headquarters for the second half of Turbo. 

In Space

Dark Fortress Dark Fortress Interior

Dark Fortress
Astronema was given the Dark Fortress by Dark Specter to use as her headquarters during her battle with the Space Rangers. 

Lost Galaxy

Scorpion Stinger Scorpion Stinger Interior

Scorpion Stinger 
The Scorpion Stinger is the main headquarters of Scorpius and later Trakeena and their forces. The Scorpion Stinger is destroyed when it crashes on Mirinoi’s Moon.

Captain Mutiny's Castle Captain Mutiny's Castle Interior

Captain Mutiny’s Castle
Originally housed on the back of Titanisaur, Captain Mutiny’s Castle is the main headquarters for Captain Mutiny and his forces. Captain Mutiny’s Castle is destroyed by Trakeena’s Scorpion Stinger after it travels through a portal out of the Lost Galaxy.

Hexuba's Graveyard Exterior Hexuba's Graveyard Interior

Hexuba’s Graveyard
This graveyard is the home of Hexuba located in the Lost Galaxy. Hexuba’s Graveyard is destroyed after Kai destroys Hexuba’s Crystal Ball.

Lightspeed Rescue

Skull Cavern Skull Cavern Interior

Skull Cavern
The Skull Cavern is the home of Queen Bansheera and her followers. The Skull Cavern crumbles to dust after Queen Bansheera is banished to the Shadow World.

Office Building Trakeena's Room

Office Building
Trakeena used an office in this building as her base of operations while her force kidnapped people to drain their lifeforce.

Time Force

Cryo Prison Cryo Prison Interior

Cryo Prison 
Originally a prison for mutants captured by Time Force, Ransik commandeered the Cryo Prison for his base of operations in his conquest of Earth in the Year 2001.

Wild Force

Org Nexus Portal Org Nexus

Org Nexus
The Org Nexus is the place where all Org Spirits are born and the base of operations for the leaders of the Orgs. The Org Nexus is destroyed in a ceremony performed by Master Org.

Machine Generals Moonbase Machine Generals Moonbase Interior

Machine General’s Moonbase
This factory was used as the Machine Empire Generals base of operations while they were digging up Serpentera on the moon.

Ninja Storm

Lothor's Lairship Lothor's Lairship Interior

Lothor’s Lairship
The Lairship is the base of operations for Lothor and his army. Lothor destroys his ship in order to feed the Abyss Of Evil.

Dino Thunder

Mesogog's Island Fortress Mesogog's Island Fortress Interior

Mesogog’s Island Fortress
The Island Fortress is the base of operation for Mesogog and his forces. The Dino Rangers destroy Mesogog’s Island Fortress to prevent him from setting a laser to turn the worlds inhabitants into dinosaurs.

Lothor's Cave Lothor's Cave Interior

Lothor’s Cave
This cave is used as Lothor’s base of operations after he escaped the Abyss Of Evil.


Terror Spacecraft Terror Spacecraft Interior

Terror Spacecraft
The Terror Spacecraft is the base of operations of the Troobian Empire. The Terror Spacecraft later becomes the head of The Magnificence.

Mystic Force

Underworld Underworld Interior

The Underworld serves as the home and headquarters of the Morlocks.

Ten Terrors Chamber 
This chamber is the headquarters of the Ten Terrors.

Operation Overdrive

Ice Den Flurious Ice Den Interior

Ice Den
Originally the home of the yeti Norg, Flurious commandeered the Ice Den to use as his base of operations.  

Moltor's Volcano Moltor's Volcano Interior

Moltor’s Volcano
This volcano serves as Moltor’s base of operations while he searched for the jewels of the Corona Aurora.

Sea Cave Sea Cave Interior

 Sea Cave
This sea cave serves as Miratix & Kamdor’s hideout while they searched for the jewels of the Corona Aurora.

Thrax's Planet Thrax's Planet Interior

Thrax’s Planet
This unknown planet is used as the base of operations for Thrax and his Evil Alliance.

Jungle Fury

Dai Shi Temple Dai Shi Temple Interior

Dai Shi Temple
The Dai Shi Temple serves as the headquarters for Dai Shi and his followers. 


Venjix Palace Venjix Palace Interior

Venjix Palace
The Venjix Palace serves as the base of operations for the Venjix Virus and his robotic servants.

Samurai/Super Samurai

Sanzu River Xandred's Junk Interior

Master Xandred’s Junk
The Junk serves as the headquarters for Master Xandred and the Nighlok. The Junk later sinks after Master Xandred is destroyed.


Warstar Spaceship Warstar Spaceship Interior

Warstar Spaceship
The Warstar Spaceship serves as the headquarters for the Insectoids. The Warstar Spaceship is destroyed by the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord.

Toxic Beasts Cave I Toxic Beasts Cave II

Toxic Beasts Caves
The Toxic Beasts are based in a multitude of caves around Harwood County.

Vrak's Underwater Lab Vrak's Underwater Lab Interior PRM

Vrak’s Underwater Lab
After the destruction of the Toxic Beasts, Vrak creates his Underwater Lab to house his army of robots. The Underwater Lab is destroyed by Vrak in order to destory Orion & Robo Knight.

Super Megaforce

Armada Mothership Armada Spaceship Interior

Armada Mothership
The Armada Mothership serves as the headquarters and leading ship in the Armada’s invasion of Earth. The Armada Mothership is destroyed during a fight between Mavro, Troy & Orion.

Vrak's Underwater Lab Vrak's Underwater Lab Interior

Vrak’s Underwater Lab
Vrak continues to use this as his base of operations as he plans to initiate his final plans in the conquest of Earth.

Dino Charge

Sledge's Spaceship Sledge Spaceship Interior

Sledge’s Spaceship
This spaceship serves as the headquarters of Sledge while he searches for the Energems on Earth.

Dino Super Charge

Sledge's Ship DSC Sledge's Spaceship Interior

Sledge’s Spaceship
Sledge’s Spaceship is commandeered by Heckyl & Snide after Sledge is presumably destroyed and the ship crashes on Earth.

Ninja Steel


Warrior Dome
The Warrior Dome is the headquarters of Galvanax and his warrior contestants. The Warrior Dome is severely damaged by an asteroid that contains Ninja Super Steel and is hurled into space after Madame Odius’ plan to use a super magnet backfires.

Super Ninja Steel

Warrior Dome
The Warrior Dome is commandeered by Madame Odius as her base of operations and is repaired by Sledge and his crew in return for the asteroid that collided with the Warrior Dome.

Sledge’s Spaceship
This spaceship serves as the headquarters of Sledge and his forces.