Villain Motivation Legacy


United Alliance Of Evil

Most villains in the Power Rangers Universe are shown to have a specific motivation for attacking the Earth.

In this article, I shall be going through every season of Power Rangers and describing their motivation for attacking the Earth.


Rita & Zedd's Army

Rita & Zedd’s Army
Rita Repulsa’s motivation for the destruction of planet Earth was to payback Zordon for trapping her in a Space Dumpster for 10,000 years. When Lord Zedd arrived, his motivation was just shown to be universal conquest.


Machine Empire

Machine Empire
The Machine Empire desired to strip the Earth’s resources to use for their Cog Army.



Divatox’s Army
Divatox was motivated to attack Earth after the Turbo Rangers destroyed her fiancee Maligore.

In Space

United Alliance Of Evil

United Alliance Of Evil
The United Alliance Of Evil desired universal conquest.

Lost Galaxy

Scorpius Army

Scorpius’ Army
Scorpius attacked Terra Venture to obtain the Galaxy Rangers Quasar Sabers and later The Lights Of Orion.


Trakeena’s Army
Trakeena attacked Terra Venture as payback for the Red Galaxy Ranger destroying her father.

Captain Mutiny

Captain Mutiny’s Army
Captain Mutiny desired to capture Terra Venture’s Colony and make them slaves in his camp.

Lightspeed Rescue

Queen Bansheera's Demon Army

Queen Bansheera’s Demon Army
Queen Bansheera’s minions attacked Mariner Bay to clear it from humans so that they may rule the area like they did before being imprisoned in a tomb.

Time Force

Ransik's Mutant Army

Ransik’s Mutant Army
Ransik desired complete eradication of humans after they shunned him in his early days.
When Frax defected from Ransik, he desired that robots would rule the Earth.

Wild Force


The Orgs desired a world completely covered in pollution.

Ninja Storm

Space Ninjas

Evil Space Ninjas
Lothor desired complete eradication of every ninja on Earth after being banished from the Wind Ninja Academy in his early days.

Dino Thunder

Mesogog's Army

Mesogog’s Army
Mesogog desired to convert the Earth back to the Era Of The Dinosaurs.


Troobian Empire

Troobian Empire
The Troobian Empire stole resources from Earth to construct a body for their master, Omni The Magnificence.
After Broodwing defected from Gruumm, he desired to take over Earth as payback for Gruumm not paying him for his services.

Mystic Force


The Morlocks desired to bring their master Octomus to the Human World.

Operation Overdrive

Overdrive Villains

Overdrive Villain Factions
These various villains factions desired to obtain the Corona Aurora and its Jewels.

Jungle Fury

Dai Shi & Camille

Dai Shi Clan
The Dai Shi Clan desired a world ruled by animals.


Venjix Computer Network

Venjix Computer Network
The Venjix Computer Network desired a world completely ruled by the Venjix Virus.

Samurai/Super Samurai


The Nighlok desired to flood the Earth so that they may live on Earth without drying out.


Warstar Insectoids

The Warstar desired to take over the Earth so that insects could be the dominant species.

Toxic Beasts

Toxic Beasts
The Toxic Beasts desired to pollute the Earth with their toxic slime.

Super Megaforce

The Armada

The Armada desires to add Earth to their list of conquered planets.

Dino Charge/Dino Super Charge

Sledge's Crew

Sledge’s Crew
Sledge and his army desire to obtain the Energems so that he may have enough power for universal conquest.

Lord Arcanon's Crew

Lord Arcanon’s Crew
Lord Arcanon also desires to obtain the Energems.

Ninja Steel/Super Ninja Steel

Galaxy Warriors
Galvanax wants to obtain the Ninja Power Stars in order to achieve universal conquest.

Power Rangers (2017)

Rita Repulsa
Rita Repulsa desired to obtain the Zeo Crystal embedded in the Earth in order to obtain universal conquest.