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The GRID: A Power Rangers Podcast
The GRID is a podcast dedicated to the world of Power Rangers and Super Sentai!
Each show, our (Four Gays, A Girl with a Load of T) review the newest episodes, dish on the newest news and rumors and basically read Power Rangers to filth!
Not sure what that means? Then come and listen and enjoy our own brand of fandom!

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Episode 112: Merry GRID-Mas!
Episode 111:
You Tried
Episode 110:
Episode 109:
Episode 108: Guess Who’s Back?!
Episode 107: 
Yass Princess!
Episode 106: 
Giving Good Face
Episode 105: Cold-Hearted Snake
Episode 104: 
Episode 103: 
Black & Gold Edition
Episode 102: 
Psycho Glitter Bitch
Episode 101: 
Resting Xandred Face
Special Edition 4th Year:
“Episode 100”
Episode 99:
99 Bottles Of Slime On The Wall
Episode 98: I’m Super, Thanks For Asking!
Episode 97: 
Power George Thug Life
Special Edition: 
Power Rangers Movie Review
Episode 96: 
Goldar Rush
Episode 95: 
Saturday Afternoon Fever
Episode 94: 
No No Burger Ranger
Episode 93
: Disco Spinferno
Episode 92: Pee In That Cup!
Episode 91: 
Hipster Poisandra
Episode 90
: Slay That Sleigh *Christmas Special*
Episode 89: Throwin’ Salt *Super Charged Edition*
Episode 88: 
Buggin’ Out
Episode 87: 
Stone Washed
Episode 86: 
Episode 85: 
Flood City
Episode 84
: Walkin’ On Sunshine
Episode 83: Sissy That Vivix
Episode 82:
 From Out Of Nowhere
Episode 81: 
Burning Disco Balls
Special Edition: 
3 Years After
Episode 80: 
Attack Of The Recolors!
Episode 79: 
When The T Stirs
Episode 78: 
Episode 77: 
Free Heckyl
Episode 76: 
Turkey Jerk
Episode 75: 
When Casting Collides
Episode 74: 
Double the Koda, Double The Fun!
Episode 73: 
The Famed Duck Mouth
Episode 72: 
Filthy & Shoeless
Episode 71: 
Purple Rain-Ger
Episode 70: 
Episode 69: 
Donkey Punch
Episode 68: 
Train Wreck
Episode 67: 
Episode 66: 
Boogie With The Bear Edition
Episode 65: 
Episode 64: 
The Great Drought Of 2015
Episode 63: 
Sentai Orgy
Episode 62: 
Welcome To Hiatusville, Population: You.
Episode 61: 
Dino Dung
Episode 60: 2 Year Anniversary!
Shit Show Since 2013
Episode 59: 
The Slash GRID
Episode 58: 
Chip Off The Ole Judd!
Episode 57: 
In The Sentai…..
Episode 56: 
Evil Daisy Clan
Episode 55: 
Holiday Monitors
Episode 54: 
That Was Impressive
Episode 53: 
Just Drill Things
Episode 52: 
ToQ2: Electric Boogaloo
Episode 51: 
Comin’ For Your Wigs!
Episode 50:
 Surprise Bitch!


Reinforcements In Yellow Edition
Featuring Time Force’s “Katie” – Deborah Estelle Phillips & Wild Force’s “Taylor” Alyson Kiperman!

gridStrong Than Before Edition
Featuring RangerStop, Nakia Burrise & Catherine Sutherland

11406676_10200572285506162_8289204858086026730_osmallerBoogie With the Bear Edition
Featuring RangerStop & Karan Ashley