The GRID: A Power Rangers Podcast
The GRID is a podcast dedicated to the world of Power Rangers and Super Sentai!
Each show, our Five hosts review the newest episodes, dish on the newest news and rumors and basically read Power Rangers to filth! Not sure what that means? Then come and listen and enjoy our own brand of fandom!


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New Episodes

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Episode 65: Lionsgate-gate
Episode 64:
The Great Drought of 2015
Episode 63:
Sentai Orgy
Episode 62:
Welcome to Hiatusville, Population: You.
Episode 61:
Dino Dung
Episode 60: 2 Year Anniversary!
Shit Show Since 2013
Episode 59:
The Slash GRID
Episode 58:
Chip Off The Ole Judd!
Episode 57:
In the Sentai…..
Episode 56:
Evil Daisy Clan
Episode 55:
Holiday Monitors
Episode 54:
That Was Impressive
Episode 53:
Just Drill Things
Episode 52:
ToQ2: Electric Boogaloo
Episode 51:
Comin’ For Your Wigs!
Episode 50:
 Surprise Bitch!

Former Podcast Episodes

Episode 1: The GRID Returns!
Episode 2: No F*cks Were Given!
Episode 3: It Just Got Real
Episode 4: The Gravity of these Cavities
Episode 5: Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun
Episode 6: 2 Clip Shows and a Partridge in a Pear Tree!
Episode 7: Mega Show is Mega

Episode 8: There’s a Whole Lotta Space
Episode 9: Catfish Stew
Episode 10: In Case You Didn’t  Know….
Episode 11: At Least It’s Not A Clip Show!
Episode 12: Someone Actually Wanted To Be On This Show

Episode 13: Morphin Legacy Origins Grid 4ever Clusterfuck Rangers
Episode 14: No One Gets Inside!
Episode 15: Golden Plated Showers
Episode 16: It’s Boom Time!
Episode 17: Simply Rangerlicious
Episode 18: In the Shadow of Comic-Con
Episode 19: Dan Just Wants To Have Fun
Episode 20: The Green Knight Rises
Episode 21: Violet Madness
Episode 22: ..and None for Casey Rhodes…Bye!
Episode 23: Power Rangers 20th Anniversary LIVE Event!

Episode 24: Interrupting Thunder!
Episode 25: RoboHugz
Episode 26: Ultra Chew
Episode 27: Sponsored by Nossan
Episode 28: Dream Warriors
Episode 29: Ultra Schmultra
Episode 30: 30, Flirty and Thriving!
Episode 31: #1 At Sucking Butts
Episode 32: Untitled Shit Show
Episode 33: There Goes The Boom!
Episode 34: Something Something Z
Episode 35: Morph! Morph! Morph!
Episode 36: A Series of Unfortunate Events
Episode 37: Bias-Blaster!
Episode 38: Polyester Pandemonium
Episode 39: OT-Pork
Episode 40: Midlife Crisis
Episode 41: Meen Gurlz
Episode 42: Hilary Sherman
Episode 43: Muscle Girl
Episode 44: 1 Year Anniversary Special: Trainbow
Episode 45: Dat Caboose
Episode 46: Lions & Tigers & Gays

Episode 47: The One Where JDF Hijacks the Bracket
Episode 48: Silver Whinings
Episode 49: True Blue To The Exit